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Feb 21, 2012 07:59 AM

Pesach shopping in Atlanta

I will be in Atlanta for 1 day next month and will have access to a car. I'm not familiar with the city but I believe I will be staying not far from the JCC. I'd like to do some Pesach shopping as I don't have too much KP availability at home. Can anyone recommend a good place to shop?

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  1. You will want to head to the Toco Hills area - there are two chain grocery stores with large kosher food sections -

    Publix 2969 North Druid Hills Road Northeast Atlanta GA 30329

    Krogers 2205 LaVista Road NE Atlanta, Georgia 30329

    If you are hungry Chai Peking and very good kosher chinese place is inside the Krogers

    1. You will be in my neck of the woods! The Toco Hills area does have more stores in a smaller area as weinstein5 says. Near the JCC there is a Kroger that has a large Kosher section on Dunwoody Club Drive. Across from that is a kosher Israeli restaurant, Moshe's. There is also a kosher grocery store in Toco Hills, Kosher Gourmet, which may have stuff, but often they are not well stocked. Hope to run into you at the stores.

      1. Hey rockycat, my information still holds about shopping in Atlanta from Feb 22, but the restaurant I mentioned just closed. (Another one bites the dust!). The Kroger at 2090 Dunwoody Club Drive has about 95% of the same stuff as the one in Toco Hills and is 5 minutes from the JCC. Toco's Kroger usually has some sort of random products the Dunwoody one doesn't have, but nothing major. Depends on what your time frame is. Good luck.

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          I think my one shopping day/half day will be March 25. I really appreciate your suggestions.

        2. Try giving grillers pride a call 770-454-8108 ask for peter. They have been bringing in kosher products from New York and are scheduled to have a full selection of Passover Stuff. he may be able to e mail you a product list an you can place you order in advance, which he has been doing with local clients

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            Griller's Pride is a great source, but if rockycat wants to do Atlanta pickup, they aren't open for that on Sundays according to their website. I don't know where in North Carolina rockycat is located because Griller's Pride does monthly deliveries through the southeast. His selection was pretty good and the prices were competitive with the chain stores.

          2. I don't know if you've already been in Atlanta yet or your plan remained this Sunday, but there are 2 Costcos about 15 minutes away from the Kroger I mentioned. From your previous posts I gather that kosher supplies are difficult to procure for you. If you have a Costco membership, they are great for some of the supplies. The things I buy there are sparkling grape juice (I think $6.99 or something like that for 3 pack), 2# bags of shredded mozzarella (about $9.49/bag), other assorted cheeses, Empire chicken. They also have a lot of premade stuff that showed up last week (some on another thread). They also carry deli meats. I purchased latkes, broccoli souffle, stuffed cabbage, spare ribs, & lamb breast. They also have chicken cutlets and pot roast, but I don't care for them. They're a good deal for what they have. Worth a trip if you can't get those items around you.

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              We're still on for this Sunday and Costco is a great idea. We don't have a membership as we usually make the annual shopping trip with a friend who does, but I wonder if I could "borrow" her card for the weekend... Thanks for the great suggestion.

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                Ethical questions aside, be aware that some Costcos check your photo ID card carefully. On the other hand, they may offer a one-day pass, where there is a small percentage you have to pay over the real prices (maybe 5%?), for non-members.