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Feb 21, 2012 07:58 AM

Looking for Baltimore Rest. for 12-15 ppl Graduation Dinner

My brother-in-law is graduating from Hopkins med in May and we're in need of a good place to have dinner for 12-15 people that will be in town for the graduation. Nothing too fancy or expensive but not too casual either.

I'm not familiar with the area at all (live in Texas) and he has been a bit too busy over the last 4 years to get to know the restaurant scene very well. I've found the following from Yelp but not sure how well they meed our needs. Some of these are probably a bit too high of a price point (we'll be paying for everyone), but I just wanted to get a list of options started.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Thanks.

Woodberry Kitchen
Mama's on the Half Shell
Salt Tavern
Blue Hill Tavern

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  1. I hear good things about the Woodberry Kitchen.

    I would also recommend B&O Brasserie

    Mama's on the Half Shell is in Fells Point parking maybe an issue depending on the time of day

    1. To begin with, Cinghiale is quite expensive and the portions are small. Some Chowhounds love this place. But, I was quite disappointed when I dined there.

      Roy's, too, can be pricey.

      "agarnett100" was correct with the parking issue at Mama's on the Half Shell.

      Woodberry Kitchen may be an option. I've only dined there one time.

      Gertrude's at the Baltimore Museum of Art is quite nice and reasonably priced. If you are interested you would have to book NOW. Many graduation parties are held there as it is close to the Hopkins' campus. Tabrizi's is also one of my recommendations. It's downtown off of Key Highway. The restaurant is lovely and located on the water. There is an outdoor patio where your event could be held weather permitting. They host quite a number of wedding receptions, so your group of 12-15 would be no problem for the restaurant to accommodate. FoiGras

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        thanks. is Tabrizi's a normal restaurant? their website makes it look like they are a wedding/event space only.

        1. re: pmapp

          Yes, Tabrizi's is definitely a full serve restaurant and not specifically oriented for wedding/events. One I highly recommend for your graduation party. FoiGras

        2. re: FoiGras

          Just to be clear, Gertrude's is close to the JHU Homewood campus, not the med school. Although graduation ceremonies tend to be staged at Homewood, but you would want to confirm that before booking Gertrude's just for the convenience.

          1. re: kukubura

            What was I thinking? Yes, the med school is downtown. But, Gertrude's wouldn't be that far away.

            Woodberry Kitchen and Clementine are both good suggestions, but bit of a distance away from downtown or the Homewood campus. FoiGras

        3. I'd add the Wine Market for your consideration. They have an intimate but high-ceilinged private room. I have had 3 or 4 private parties there over the last couple of years. Easy to customize a menu with paired wines. And parking is easy, which is a bonus.

          1. Take Amiccis and Mama's off your list. They are either not that great, or not that nice a venue. Roy's and Cinghiale will be at high end of price, followed by Woodberry Kitchen and Salt. Clementine might strike the right balance of price and quality.

            1. I think Blue Hill is an excellent choice. Good food and great atmosphere. Definitely a place where you can celebrate a special occasion. I would take Salt off-- it's very small and seems too casual for a special dinner. And while Clementine has good (albeit sometimes inconsistent) food, it also seems too casual for a celebratory dinner.
              I'm not a personal fan of Cinghale (I've had great but also bad experiences there) or Roys (loud, not stellar food) and haven't been to the others recently enough to comment. If you want other possibilities, you may want to consider the Olive Room, which has a great harbor view and excellent Greek dishes. I also agree with the Tabrizi's suggestion.

              Let us know what you pick and then how it goes!

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              1. re: stephanieg

                We have decided on Blue Hill Tavern. We got their private room for $1k, which won't be hard to get to with 15 people eating and drinking. Thanks for all the suggestions.