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Feb 21, 2012 07:15 AM

Where does one find Pączki in the South Bay?

As tłusty czwartek passed last week, my wife was looking for good pączki... Unfortunately, so far we have only been able to find an approximation of it at Satura Cakes.

In a previous post on this topic Seakor is mentioned. Since the Campbell branch is now closed, this is not really a practical option any longer for us in the South Bay.

Is there any bakery nearer to us in San Jose that carries good pączki?

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  1. I checked the Sunday bulletin for the Polish Catholic Mission in San Jose to see if the church might be making them this week, but nope. However, Kalinka advertises in the church bulletin and it has been reminding me i wanted to visit this store. They bake their own bread, so maybe they make Polish donuts or could be sweet talked into making them next year.

    I forgot that before i left Kalinka was on my to-try list. Glad I saw that so i will remember to stop by when i get a chance.

    Kalinka address and website

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Thank you, i modified my original post to note the website was included in the address link which I will be doing in the future.

      2. re: rworange

        We actually tried Kalinka in the past but they did not carry pączki then. I'll have to swing by and try again.

        We did however buy their bread. It was warm and tempting enough that we ate most of it on the spot...

        1. re: ploplop

          Thanks for the report back about the bread. It probably won't hurt to ask. Even the places that carry the donuts such as Delicatessi in Concord only carry them once a year. They don't announce it either. You have to know. Seakor, when they had them usually only had them on weekends.

          At best, it might give them an idea. Since the advertise on a Polish church bulletin, including that they have the donuts to that ad might bring them business.

          I've never asked at any of the Russian bakeries and maybe I will since Polish people shop there. However, the few times I've found donuts at Russian stores they were usually heavier and oilier.

      3. Oh wait ... I looked at the wrong bulletin. St. Albert Polish-American Roman Catholic Mission had a carnival festival on Feb 18th, so I'm guessing they had donuts. Maybe check it out next year.

        Here's the address and it sounds like they have a pretty fabulous Polish festival in September with hunter's stew, tripe soup (didn't know we made that), Polish sausage, potato pancakes, beer, pierogi, stuffed cabbage, desserts and a take-home cold cut section.

        Otherwise, i was thinking it might be a bit harsh and even unwise for people to review churches. How do you explain to God giving a joint one star? Matthew 7:1, "Judge not that ye be not judged."

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        1. re: rworange

          Aha! Thanks for the pointer!
          We will definitely have to try the festival at the Polish Catholic Mission in SJ. All those dishes do sound great...
          By the way, I assume the tripe soup was flaczki. According to my Polish wife, this is a rather common dish in Poland.

        2. Psycho Donuts will be carrying them!!!!!!