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Feb 21, 2012 07:13 AM

"fun" bars to take the president of my daughter's college

I have been asked to select a fun location for a meeting with my daughter's college president. I was all set to choose the Carnelian Room, but am so out of date, I didn't realize it had closed.

Any ideas? Top of the Mark is a candidate for the view, but I also don't think I can reserve something there for only 3 people...

Thanks to one and all for suggestions!

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  1. So do you want a lounge-type setting where you can have a relatively quiet table? Something upscale and not too much of a scene?

    1. If you want somewhere you can talk I would recommend bourbon and branch. (make a reservation)

      1. Well, I never thought there was anything fun about the Carnelian Room. It was just an interesting view,.

        No view, but Seasons Bar and Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel, is classy, quiet and has good drinks.

        Address and website

        Maybe the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar at the Fairmont for retro?.

        Address and website

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        1. re: rworange

          Can you get just drinks and small plates at Slanted Door? If I were the president, that's where I would be expecting you to take me.

          1. re: otis

            Yes you can get just small plates and drinks at slanted door. It depends on what you want out of this meeting. Slanted Door can be noisy.

            1. re: rworange

              Stylish and sedate: St Regis Hotel

              Water and bridge view: Waterbar

              Historical Barbary Coast: Comstock Saloon

              In Presidio Heights: Spruce

              Old Nob Hill: The Big Four

              Standby for food, view and decor: Boulevard

              Italian accent: Perbacco

              French wine accent: RN74

              Question: which college is he/she president of? Age? Answer could inform your choice across the options.

              Have fun.

              1. re: cortez

                Perbacco only has wine, and doesn't really have bar seating.

                I'd toss prospect in the mix, if I was in that part of town.

                1. re: bbulkow

                  Actually, Perbacco has a full bar and fairly straightforward bar seating. It's its sister restaurant Barbacco that is wine and beer only.

                    1. re: nocharge

                      And on Passover, Perbacco had some fantastic passover-themed special cocktails.

          2. Second on Comstock, that's one of the nicest bars in SF.

            The Tonga Room is fun.

            I'd say Slanted Door is too noisy and the bar can be really crowded.

            The Carnelian Room was perhaps the least fun bar I ever went to in SF.

            1. Outdoor Bar: Americano, Hotel Vitale
              Old world: Big Four, Nob Hill
              Kitsch: Tonga Room (later in the night), Fairmont Hotel
              Trendy: 25 Lusk, across from ATT Park
              North Beach: Park Tavern (skip the food), Vesuvio's, Tosca, Tony Nic's
              Union Square: Le Colonial or Bourbon & Branch (former Speakeasy; password for drop in Library Room: Books, otherwise go online to book a table)
              Civic Center/Symphony: Absinthe