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Feb 21, 2012 06:39 AM

kitchen ranges

Kitchen remodeling under consideration. We have looked at Blue Star, Viking, Bertizonni, and GE Cafe line. Any opinions welcome.

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  1. Go with the blue star. It is what we own so I am somewhat biased.

    1. Thanks. I cant find one negative comment & I think Blue Star will be the way we go too.

      1. Don't buy a Viking. I hate mine with a passion and hope it lives long enough so I can do a kitchen remodel when I replace it.

        The simmer burners don't work, the oven does not hold consistent heat (forget about baking), and as of last week the oven door does not fully open or close.

        1. I've had a Blue Star for about 5 years and love it. I know that some have had issues, and I've had some igniter problems (although current models may have addressed that bugaboo), but the service department has been very helpful, sending replacements gratis, and it is an easy repair. The power and control are exceptional. Bear in mind, however, that the BS is a cooking machine, not a piece of kitchen furniture. It is very industrial looking and will not necessarily elicit the oohs and aahs (from a kitchen decor standpoint) of some other models.

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            You can get it in a variety of colors now. But I don't know how well they hold up. Our is strictly stainless steel.

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              Spent almost a year researching and test cooking on Viking, Wolf, KA, Miele, BlueStar and several other brands. We went to demonstration meals and we consulted several working chefs about what they have at home. In the end chose a simple 36" BlueStar six top and had it installed under their white glove service program. It has been nothing short of superb. We wanted to stir fry with a round bottom wok, we temper and hold melted chocolate without a doubleboiler, we like to do slow roast prime rib, we love high temp roasted chickens and once a year we have to fit in a 26 lb roast turkey for thanksgiving. BlueStar does it all. Easy to keep looking clean and so far absolutely zero problems. BlueStar sent along 6 replacement igniters in a sealed baggie where they remain to this day. We went with their high backsplash w/shelf option which looks a bit industrial but as a place to hold warmed dishes prior to serving that was a good choice. Paired this with a variable speed 42" pro-style exhaust hood with 1200 cfm capacity (remote fan) and they work together perfectly. Stir frying on the 22k btu burner is da bomb!

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                I have been reading all the raves about BlueStar on this and other threads, but no where has anyone discussed price. We are getting ready to remodel and we've decided that Wolf is too expensive, but we want a great 36" range (or maybe rangetop) with a grill option. BlueStar looks fantastic but I don't know if it's within the realm of possibilities. Can anyone provide a general price range?

                1. re: florwoman

                  3 dealers/locations reasonable to Bethesda,Md........prices I will leave you and or your contractor to gather/ no special order

                  phone,Takoma Park Md location 301-608-7100

                  phone,White Flint location 301-770-8579

                  M&M APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE
                  phone Blair Rd ,DC nearly Md 202-882-7100

                  the second half of this just got eaten...went missing.....I will get back to it tomorrow,sorry

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                    Seven months since my last post and our 36" 6 burner BlueStar remains an absolute pleasure to cook on. Absolutely no problems with any components. Oven remains accurately calibrated, burners continue to range from low simmer to roaring heat, the latter comes in handy when bringing large pots of pasta water to boil as well as when doing authentic stir fry. In short the BLueStar was the right choice for us. As for the price paid, that is a detail between my wife and the dealer which I was never privy to; but assured the BS was a bit less expensive than comparable Viking and Wolf ranges.

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                      We purchased our from Eurostoves in Massachusetts and I don't recall the shipping charges being terribly prohibitive.

                2. So what did you end up with? I'd never heard of BlueStar. I did see on Amazon that the reviews were nearly evenly split (60/40) between love and hate. Evidently some folks have lots and lots and lots of problems that the company is clearly terrible at dealing with, and some folks have no problems whatsoever. Sees odd, but worrisome. A range seems like such a simple thing; you'd think it would be easy to make them reliable.