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Feb 21, 2012 04:39 AM

Looking for a good lunch with good wine list in Milan for Friday lunch

I am travelling to Italy next month for VinItaly with colleagues in the restaurant and wine biz and spending a few days in Milano. We have already booked Aimo e Nadia for a dinner and need to find a great place for lunch not too far from the center (happy to get a cab). As I am a restaurant owner the place needs to be "Italian" not too much fusion ala Cracco but not a tourist trap either and it is imperative that the wine list is good.

A couple of places i have read about that sound promising are
- della Pesa
- liberty
- manna
- trussardi alla scala

oh and if you think Aimo e Nadia is not worth the the trip just let me know

thanks in advance

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  1. If you want somewhere authentic with no tourists, fine local food and good wine try l'Isoloto on Via Fara tel 02 6705802 - not far from the central station, it's a favorite of the Guardia di Finanza and believe me these boys like to eat and they know their wine. Very reasonable prices.

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      I have also eaten well at L'Isolotto (note spelling), but just so you know, it is a Sardegnan kitchen. The address is via Generale Gustavo Fara, 10.