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Feb 20, 2012 11:36 PM

To deveined shrimp Or Not To deveined shrimp?

My question is why do some rcepies call for deveined shrimp and other do not. I thought by cleaning shrimp you are removing the digestive tract. Why eat shrimp that have been cooked in their shell and what is the difference or does it matter?

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    1. Unless the recipe calls for shrimp in the's just one of those things it is assumed you will either clean or use cleaned shrimp. As for shrimp cooked in the shell, it retains it shape better and protects a bit from over-cooking...and some like to eat the shell, especially if it has been deep or pan fried in its preparation.

      1. Depends on the size of the shrimp and the dish.
        Extra small to medium I would not devine if shell removed. Usually these are cooked with shell removed, but are to small to devine anyways.
        Medium large to Colossal I would devine if shell removed. If shell not removed I would not devine. I personally eat the shell and all especially if cooked in a sauce like garlic and butter.

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          you can have your shrimp in shell and still devein them ......

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            I also subscribe to the size theory. If you can see it and you can cut it without a ton of effort, sure, but don't kill yourself over it.

          2. I am asking for the matter of taste. I have steered away from cooke unpeeled shrimp because I was not sure it they were cleaned. I was brought up that way, not knowing if its right or wrong. BTW Gordon your link did not work.

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              I guess for me, it's mostly an aesthetic thing: I don't want to see that "vein" and in large shrimp, it will be unpleasantly gritty. I don't think it has much taste.
              Shrimp is plentiful and inexpensive here so I don't bother with buying shrimp that are too small too devein/are a PITB to peel. On those occasions when I eat BBQ shrimp or boiled-in-the-shell shrimp, I usually look for the vein and remove it if it's there.