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Feb 20, 2012 08:20 PM

Smoking Pig BBQ, San Jose - Southern style ribs/brisket; Peanut Butter Pie w/ Pics

CASH ONLY sign, there's an ATM machine in there. Tried out Smoking Pig BBQ for dinner Fri 2/17/12. It's on 4th & Commercial, they have their own parking lot so it's FREE parking.

They make all there food & sauces there. Ribs are Southern style w/ dry rub. There's a smoker in the back parking lot.

We weren't too hungry so we shared a Two Meat Combo - choice of 2 meats, 1 cornbread, & 1 side dish for $13.95. Choice of meats were: 3 pork spare ribs; chicken leg quarter; 2 Louisiana hot links; 6oz pound pulled pork; 3 slices beef brisket. We picked pork spare ribs & pulled pork. I thought the ribs were tasty, pulled pork some of it was dry, but that can depend on the pieces you get. Add some of the sauces on the table. They have a mustard one, honey one, & spicy one. We both liked the Honey one the best. Side we picked was Mac & Cheese - it was tasty. Corn bread is just 1 muffin so we got an extra one for 95c. Extra side dish of greens for $2.95 - mix of cooked greens - we liked it. Plastic forks/knives on the table w/ paper towels.

Save room for the Peanut Butter Pie - a slice for $4.45. We shared it. It's a homemade pie made w/ chocolate cookie based crust; not too sweet peanut butter filling, & tons of whipped cream w/ drizzle of chocolate sauce. We liked it.

Separate bathrooms. One TV, some quiet music played in the background. Friday night at 8pm they have live music, we didn't stay for.

Owner is named Paul, and he comes around to all the tables. Very nice guy.

Closed Tues
M, W-F 11-9
Sat/Sun 12-9

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  1. They are no longer cash only!

    The larger of the two smokers in the parking lot was smoldering from the chimney which I took as a good sign and it was. Smoking Pig BBQ has some of the smokiest BBQ I've had in the Bay Area!

    In addition to the meats hhc lists, they have two appetizers: Wolf Turds (cheese & sausage stuffed, bacon wrapped jalepenos) and Chicken Lollipops (bacon wrapped drumsticks) which I didn't try. The meat is available in sandwiches, plates w/ sides, or a la carte. A decent selection of bottled beers including local selections from Firehouse & Tied House Breweries.

    I got the $13.95 3-meat combo (which is the same price as 2-meat hhc got with smaller portions of each meat) with ribs, brisket, and pulled pork and a side of mac & cheese. The waitress asked if I preferred my brisket fatty or lean. Nice touch; I think the last time I was asked this, I was in Texas. I chose fatty.

    The metal platter comes with a cornbread muffin. There were more ribs than listed in the menu (2 ribs with the 3-meat combo), but they were from the small end of the rack so I appreciated the extras to compensate for the size. The ribs were tender and the meat released easily from the bone. Maybe it was because these were the smaller ribs, but the meat was a touch dry, but not enough to try and doctor with sauces.

    The pulled pork had a light dusting of fresh rub and both the pork & brisket had a nice bark. Both meats had a reddish smoke ring and great smokey flavor. The brisket was tender, juicy, and succulent. The pork, while also having great flavor, was also a little dry. It was the only meat that I used any sauce on.

    The mac & cheese was tasty and has bits of pork which added to the flavor.

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      We finally made it last night and it was as good as this looks. I had a three-meat combo of brisket, ribs, and Louisiana hot link with the beans; my wife had the quarter-rack of ribs with the mac & cheese. Everything was very tasty - the first real barbecue we've had in Silicon Valley in a long time. We both enjoyed all our meats better without sauce. The sauces were OK, but they muddled the great flavors in the rub and smoking. Both sides were great; I need to try the greens next time.

      There's a nice selection of bottled beers - we had excellent Samuel Smith choices, a lager and a pale ale - and an intriguing wine list. We may try the wine list next time. We tried to get the key lime pie for dessert but they were out. I don't like peanuts so we had the banana pudding - a rich pudding with banana and cookies, topped with fine whipped cream.

      It is so nice to have real barbecue in the South Bay again. I'm sure we'll be back!


    2. Wish they were closer to my home. Do they have other southern pies like Chess, Buttermilk, Sugar Cream?

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      1. re: chocolatetartguy

        last night, they had Key Lime & Peanut Butter Pies and Banana Pudding for dessert options.

        they might rotate in others.

        1. re: drewskiSF

          Oh, does that look good. Must try soon! Thanks so much for the update.