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Feb 20, 2012 08:06 PM

B and B, restaurants near Waitsfield, Warren

Any suggestions? Looking for a cozy place w good breakfast....not all carbs. Any afternoon teas are also appreciated. This is in the summer and views are appreciated.
Also any good restaurant suggestions?

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  1. Mad Taco in Waitsfield, totally go there. They just opened up a shop in Montpelier and it's AWEsome. :) I'd always heard good things about the Waitsfield location but hadn't gotten there. Totally worth it. :)

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      We are from San Diego we prob won't seek out a Mexican place as we are blessed with many delicious ones. Anything uniquely Vermont foods we should do?

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        If you're looking for uniquely Vermont foods, you'll want to look for restaurants that do farm-to-table, of which there are a lot.

        Just for the sake of completeness:

        Traditional Vermont foods are kinda comfort foods and fairly British (it is called New England for a reason ;) )

        Tuna and Pea Wiggle (I've read of a few places that do interesting takes on this particular dish but none come to mind immediately, otherwise you're not going to find it outside of a church supper or someone's house). This is what *I* grew up with in the midwest that my mother (born and raised in Indiana) called "Tuna Casserole" and that was called "Tater Tot Hot Dish" at church suppers and in the school cafeteria in Iowa and Minnesota, where I spent my formative years.

        Chicken pie suppers are held in the fall at various churches at fund raisers, and the recipes for Vermont chicken pie are different from a lot of chicken pies. There are probably restaurants (and diners) that serve a version of this, as well (the Wayside in Berlin serves this as a special some days, along with their regular menu items of pickled honeycomb tripe, liver and onions, and various forms of open face meat sandwiches, the Wayside is a very old Diner that serves the local population well, though they are not a farm-to-table place).

        Hunter dinners are mostly venison and pheasant and held during hunting season (which is around end of October through November).

        If you go back further for a more indigenous traditional food, you need to look at Abenaki (pronounced ah-BEN-ack-ee according to a member of the tribe I happen to know through my knitting) recipes. The woman I know cooked a traditional succotash for us that was nothing at all like the much-disliked melange of tinned lima beans and corn from my childhood. I can't remember what all was in it, but it was great. However, I don't think there are any restaurants serving the dishes of the indigenous tribe. I'm just adding this for the sake of completeness because I'm a wonk. :)

        For a truly wonderful dining experience, I can recommend Salt in Montpelier (about half an hour away or a bit more from Waitsfield). They do creative and eclectic menus that change around every six weeks. The last one I saw was a medieval menu (that was in Jan, I haven't checked since). I have no IDEA what they'll be doing in the summer, but it'll likely include a lot of fresh local produce that they get at the farmer's market and cured meats they buy from Vermont Salumi. This is a tiny place that only does dinner and I strongly recommend reservations.

        Despite there being a lot of Italian stone work artists who settled here a century ago (Barre granite and marble used to be famous), you can't really get much that's good Italian food, though there is one place, Sarducci's, in Montpelier (again, around half hour from Waitsfield), that does some good Italian (mostly northern Italian I think).

        So the summary here is for Vermont food, you're looking for farm-fresh, or farm-to-table dining to get a real Vermont experience. I did a quick search on the east central Vermont region on the Vermont Fresh Network's website ( It turns up a huge list of members who participate in the network (that lists farms as well as restaurants). You can further narrow that search down so it presents you with B&Bs and restaurants that are members.

        I hope I've of some help and that you don't mind too much my nattering one. :)

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          Thanks, Morganna. That was great!

    2. We like to stay at the Old Stagecoach Inn in Waterbury - about a half hour north of Waitsfield. Wide variety of choices for breakfast and everything I've had has been spectacular. My favorite is the Heuvos Racheros with a side of bacon. We started going here because the Alchemist was a short walk down the street, but would still stay here in the future now that the brewpub is gone.

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        There's still great sushi (from Stebu Sushi) and good beer at the Black Back or Back Black (something like that) pub across the street and up a bit from where the Alchemist is (closer to the Stagecoach). And a good Thai place called Ocha Thai just a bit closer still. If you're going that direction.

        1. re: Morganna

          Yup, know about the Blackback pub and Reservoir. But the Alchemist was always a central part of our plans when deciding to stay in Waterbury.

          Also the people who opened the Farmhouse tap and grill in Burlington will be taking over the Alchemist space. Going to weird paying 7+ for a pint of Alchemist beer in there when it opens. ;-)

          1. re: LStaff

            Though technically that doesn't answer the OP's question about places in Waitsfield. I'm not as familiar with that area because I seldom drive up into the mad river valley. Mad Taco I know is a favorite place and I think there's a fair number of good B&Bs up that way.

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              When in VT, I consider a half hour drive as "near". :-)

              1. re: LStaff

                From SoCal so half an hour is indeed near!

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              What happened to the Alchemist?

              1. re: chuck s

                Thanks! I hear there are some cheese farms worth visiting too?

                1. re: chuck s

                  The Alchemist was swamped by Hurricane Irene. They are currently seling cans out of their cannery which is just around the corner frmo Ben & Jerrys. The person who is going to be running the Alchemist space is Chad. It is not same investing group as FHT&G, but I am sure there are some similar people involved. Chad was the original Beverage manager, I can't wait for it to open, maybe next month.

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                    Word is the Prohibition Pig is now open in the former Alchemist space.

                2. re: LStaff

                  I was just in Waterbury and found Cork, right above Blackback, to be very cute. It's a wine bar, but also had some nice charcuterie, cheese plates, and panini on menu.