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Feb 20, 2012 07:57 PM

A true taste of new orleans on a budget

Hey guys, my buddy and I are both 20 years old and taking a trip over to NOLA on Spring Break. Obviously we're not old enough to drink yet but we'd like to get a real taste of New Orleans from a local's point of view.

We're not your typical party-animal college students, just looking for a nice getaway for a few days explore the city, hear some live music and have a good time.

We'll be there for 3 days so we need some restaurant ideas if anyone can suggest any. We're obviously on a very tight budget so spending $20 on a dinner is basically at the VERY high end of our budget.


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  1. Dunbars for good home cooking. Good fried chicken and red beans. Might cost all of about six bucks now, although its been years since I went and it was five then. Go to a poboy shop and get a roast beef poboy, that will be well within your budget.

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    1. forgot to add that we're staying at the Renaissance Pere Marquette right off of Canal St. near the french quarter!

      1. Po-bstreetcar.oys are filling and can easily fit into your budget: Johnny's will be near you; Mahoney's and several other options on Magazine St. are easy to get to by St. Charles streetcar. Or take the Canal St. car and go to Parkway on Jefferson Davis Pkwy.
        Red beans and rice is another cheap, filling option, available at all kinds of places.

        (Cochon) Butcher has incredible sandwiches, sides, small plates.

        Domenica--ok, it's Italian, but the pizza happy hour can't be beat. From 3-6, all pizzas, beer, and wine is half-price. And the pizzas are fantastic.

        You can get wonderful fried chicken w/a side (such as red beans and rice) at Willie Mae's Scotch House for $10 (often less if you clip a coupon from Gambit, a free weekly newspaper found in bins all over the city.

        1. Go to the French Market for lunch one day and eat from the stalls there. Delicious crab cake at Meals from the Heart. Also two places next to each other -- Cajun Market Cafe and one with all the red flags in its name that yell, "Run!!!!!" -- Old Nawlins, World Famous, you get the idea, but both of these places have good, inexpensive food. You can order from either, both, all and sit at tables across the center aisle or it one has everything you want you can just eat at their counter.

          1. This may not exactly fit as it isn't true New Orleans and being from FL you may get your fill, but I'll mention El Liborio, a Cuban restaurant, as it is near the hotel and has good lunches for $10 and filling dinners that top out at $20.