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Feb 20, 2012 07:49 PM

YEG Urban China

Trying to find a dim sum place that is good is so challenging.

Tried Urban China which looked really busy. Their stuff was just ok so why is soo busy? Their bathroom smells worse than a dirty diaper. When mentioning it to a server she just laughed and said yeah it does smell. Does that say anything about the kitchen ?

Any new opinions on where to DS ?

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    1. I like Jumbo on the West end.

        1. Golden Rice Bowl and Cha for tea Palace are the only two dim sum restaurants in Edmonton that begin to compare with Vancouver/Richmond restaurants.
          In terms of price and value, Delicious Delicious (cum Albert's)on Stony Plain is an option.

          1. OMG, went to Urban China for dinner for the first time this past week, I totally understand what you meant, after going to the bathroom to wash hands before dinner, I no longer want to eat anything...

            I had DS at Emperor's Palace last Friday, because it was a weekday, you order off the menu (no carts) but the DS was super frest, super hot and very good. I was impressed.

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              Ive been to the Emperor's Palace a number of times for Dim Sum , and as you say everything is fresh and hot (specially on a weekday when there are no carts and you have to order from the list).
              But for some reason , it is not memorable, that is , when I get a craving for DS, EP does not come to mind.
              But it is the best of the downtown bunch, which is not necessarily a strong endorsement.