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Feb 20, 2012 06:26 PM

Suggestions on selling commercial range

I have had a commercial range (60", 6 burners, raised griddle) in my kitchen for about 25 years and am ready to sell it. I'm thinking that my best bet would be to target commercial buyers, but I have no idea how to go about it. Local Craigslist or newspaper ad? Or should I somehow target local organizations (fire halls, church halls, etc.)?

It is a nice piece of equipment, used basically for just my husband and me (except for some large holiday gatherings). I have no idea how to price it either. New ones (stainless steel, mine is black painted steel) run around $4,000. I also have a custom-made stainless steel hood (with stainless washable filters). I've looked online and can find nothing similar.

Any ideas on how/ where to advertise and maybe how much to ask for the 2 pieces? I would appreciate any help!

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  1. if you want to get rid of it fast, try a restaurant supply store, may buy items, fix them up, have showroom space to be able to sell them easier and know restaurants looking so can sell them easier themselves

    if time is no issue, then you can try craigslist/kijiji, I have worked in restaurants that have bought used equipment both from a supply store as well as from craigslist/kijiji, so both are viable options.

    Pricing, I am not sure, but a restaurant supply store might be able to help out there as well. Depends on the brand and everything really, there are different levels of professional equipment so it just depends on that really.

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      I know someone in the business and he pays between 10-20% of comparable retail for used equipment, so in your case he would pay $400 to $800.

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        The range is a Southbend model 323.

        Thanks to all for your advice and suggestions (although I was hoping to get more than 10-20%!). :)

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          From a private buyer you probably can ... Clean it Spotless. Then take good photos in bright light and ... try this:

          You COULD try craigslist too. BUT ... just be aware that many buyers on CL will really expect a bargain. It is what it is. But ... no harm in trying. But don't use an email address - it'll get spammed to heck. Just give a phone #.

          Good luck!

      2. selling it to a dealer would be the best bet as far as getting it removed properly without damaging your house of course with a dealer you wont get nearly as much for it. Ebay means shipping it or having someone picking it up from you who has no idea how to move these ranges which probally dont even fit through your door with out some disasembly. And people that dont have proper moving equipment means destroying your floors and door jambs all the way out of the house.
        Dealer probally offer you $300-700
        Selling it yourself you can pull $1,200-$1,800
        I sell used equipment so this is all that unit is worth.You cant compare your old unit to a newer one with all the S/S and the highter BTUs.

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        1. re: RudysEquipment_Supplies

          Thanks, Rudy. I've decided to give Ebay a go first. The wall in my kitchen is being knocked out (and the floor that the unit will be going over is still the subfloor) so it's no problem to remove the range. A construction crew will be here and we will be taking it to a secondary garage to store it temporarily. I will just have to mention to the buyer that it is heavy (we are taking off the back "shelf" assembly and that amazingly heavy griddle, plus anything else that is easily removed) and they should plan accordingly.

          I really appreciate your advice, especially since you're "in the business". :)