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Feb 20, 2012 06:04 PM

Curry paste in a can

What other curry pastes are similar to the small cans that I have recently discovered? I think it is Thai and I tried the massaman flavor. I think the brand was Massis or something similar . Just added light coconut milk to it and made a great sauce that was similar to what I have eaten in Thai restaurants

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  1. Green and red are fairly common. What was next to the massaman on the shelf?

    1. I believe I've seen cans of yellow and panang too.

      1. The brand is Maestri.

        My husband's favorite dish is Panang Chicken (made with the Maestri Panang mix) and my new favorite is the so-called yellow one inspired by Indian Curry that is called Keree. The Kerree is great with meat but also makes a killer veggie currie with just onions, carrots and potatoes in the curry/stew.

        1. Actually it's Maesri.


          They make several. We like the Prik Khing and the Mussaman, as well as the standard red and green.

          1. Maesri. It's a good brand. Mae Ploy is also good. Look for the jars or plastic tubs, also, as they're easier to reseal and store in the fridge. These last forever in there.