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Feb 20, 2012 05:37 PM

Glowbal advice

Ok, I'm stuck with a $50 glowbal giftcard and have never really been a fan of their spots I have tried. But I haven't been in ages. How would you recommend spending it? I'm assuming lunch? Which spot is best?

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  1. I've had the brunch at Glowbal and whatever-the-one-on-4th-is-called a number of times, and you could do worse elsewhere. Ditto with lunch at Catch. Alternatively, you could always ask if you can spend the gift certificate on a bottle of wine and gently suggest that you would not be offended if they forgot to open it.

    On a related note, it seems the Top Chef finale was filmed at Catch and Black & Blue.

    1. While the food at Sanafir isn't great it is mostly edible, and the "dining while lying on a bed" upstairs is wicked romantic if you have someone special to go with you. If you have options, pick someone who isn't a foodie and they'll probably like the food just fine, and be blown away by the setting and atmosphere. :)

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          1. with due respect - the responses are kind of funny -- i am not fan either - i know others who have expense accounts who won't go to this group of eating places either. I think that Italian kitchen is one of the group - every one raves about the big meatball (seriously) - can't say i'm convinced. But the cheese platter (fresh mozza) was interesting and then get something plain to follow --- we had a big table DEC 2011 wkd evening and ordered just about everything - and the plain items (closest to what it really was, ie chicken without a slathering of cheese and tomato sauce) were best. It was hit and miss tho presentation was nice. It was very noisy. I suppose that is considered stylish in a downtown scene. but not for us. The flower baskets outside are really pretty.