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Feb 20, 2012 05:18 PM

One Night in Chicago

Mrs Scary is on a business trip and will have a night on her own in downtown Chicago later this week. What part of town has a good selection of restaurants with signature Chicago fare, and would be safe for a girl on her own? Oh, and a recommendation for a Chicago Dog the next day before she flies out.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Where will she be downtown? The downtown area has many fine dining spots and is by and large safe and will help narrow the selction of restaurants

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      There's the where she will be - and also what she will like - to consider. As a woman, I can't think of many places that I would not consider safe for a woman alone, especially in the central business/tourist areas. I assume you mean safe from a physical harm standpoint and not a "who's hitting on her tonight?" standpoint.

    2. It is Restaurant Week, which should definitely be explored.........

      1. "who's hitting on her tonight?" LOL, well that can't really be avoided anywhere now, can it!
        No, mean't from a safety standpoint as we all know there are parts of some cities one would not venture into at night unless you were familiar with the teritory, and she does not know Chicago at all.
        She hasn't booked her hotel yet, but I will pass on to her that by and large, the downtown is safe.
        So, then the question is, if you had one dinner and a lunch in downtown Chicago, and wanted signature Chicago meals, where would you go?