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Feb 20, 2012 04:40 PM

In-home dining experience

I am looking to have an in home dining experience for a party of 12 for a special birthday celebration. I need a chef that will come to my home in brooklyn and prepare the meal. I will provide the cookware, dishes, flatware, stemware and liquer. I will also hire a wait staff. Anyone have a good chef recommendation? Looking to spend up to $100 a person.

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Marine Park (east 31st and avenue R)

      1. re: yzelmo

        I may have someone for you - I'll call you tomorrow to discuss

    2. Try Naomi Nachman ( She is in the 5 towns, but she travels. I met her at a cooking demo- she is lovely and her food was delicious,,

      1. Try Itta Roth, at She's in Brooklyn, not far from you, and her food is good.