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Pizza for Breakfast!

A number of places that serve pizza for lunch/dinner also offer it for breakfast and brunch, usually with an egg or two on top. Here's a couple in the East Bay:

Nizza la Bella has two egg pizzas, the Cyclops (with potato and sausage, no tomato sauce) and the Bonjour Bella (a basic cheese pie with egg). I like the Bonjour Bella, personally. These are just the right size for one person, and only around $8.50.

Zut! in the Fourth Street complex usually has a pie with spicy sausage, fresh mozzarella, two eggs and a sprinkling of arugula. It's $15, but can easily serve two (I bring half home for dinner).

I've seen egg-topped pizza at PIQ in downtown Berkeley but haven't tried it.

Rotten City experimented with an egg pizza on weekends, but they haven't mentioned it on Facebook in quite a while.

The cafe at Olivetto has an egg pizza. I've wanted to try it, but for a long time breakfast hours ended at 11:00. I see from their website that the brunch menu continues into the afternoon now. $16.

And, two others in passing: the Prosciutto pizza at Paisan would be incredible with a couple of eggs on it. When I mentioned it to a waitress, she said people asked for it all the time, but the restaurant doesn't seem to be interested. And the "carbonara" pizza at Bucci would make a great breakfast, but they're not open then.

Over in the City, I see that Zero Zero has a brunch pizza, haven't tried it.

What are your favorites?

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  1. Boot and Shoe Service in Oakland has an egg topping option.

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    1. I've been enjoying Olivetto's breakfast pizza for years.

      FWIW, they also make a terrific macchiatto.

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        The first egg on pizza experience I ever had was at Olivetto's - and it made a convert out of me. I love their brunch, glad to hear that the hours are extended.

      2. I've been loathe to try egg on pizza since an egg ruined an otherwise amazing 4505 burger, but perhaps I should reconsider. The first I saw egg on pizza was at PiQ, but I've also seen it during the evenings at Ragazza and its on Chez Panisse's current cafe menu.

        Despite it not being on their website, I'm certain Pizza Politana offers a breakfast egg pizza. They're the pizza makers at various East & North Bay and the Tu/Thurs SF Ferry Building morning farmers markets.


        1. Does pizza have to have an egg on it to be considered okay for breakfast? I eat bread, cheese, and tomatoes before noon all the time.

          Pizzetta 211 has been serving pizza with farm eggs for 10+ years. Piccino, started by a former co-owner of Pizzetta, lets you add an egg to any of their pizzas. But not sure you need to.

          There are a few places serving tarte flambee (Alsatian flatbread). The version at Noeteca with cheese, caramelized onions, and ham is quite good and available whenever they're open (9 on weekdays, 11 on weekends).

          On the anti-egg side, we had the special egg/ham pizza on a Saturday night at Una Pizza Napoletana, and it was expensive, and the egg was baked in. Not what we expected, or especially good. Give me a leftover Napolitana or Margarita from Pizzeria Delfina for breakfast any day (and half the price).

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            IMO, any variety of pizza is appropriate for breakfast, egg or no. There's nothing like leftover slices from the night before. Nizza has one called Mi Favorite, with sausage and chevre (not on the online menu, for some reason), that is perfect for breakfast.

            Even without the egg, the Prosciutto pie at Paisan makes a great brunch dish.

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              I couldn't agree more. The best pizza in the morning is the one you don't have to leave the house for.

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              Pizzetta 211 serves a great pizza with egg!

            3. First place I had it was at Rose's Cafe on Union St: smoked salmon, creme fraiche, scrambled eggs or smoked ham, fontina, eggs. This was long ago, but it looks like they're still at it.

              1. Gather in Berkeley has a selection of pizzas on their brunch menu.

                Mozzeria in SF takes it one step further with their "benedict pizzas" which have both poached egg and hollandaise sauce.

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                  Ok, you got my attention with the benedict pizzas. But do you LIKE it that way?

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                    yes, totally intrigued. was it good? i'm unsure how to feel about this....

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                      I'm all for it. If it's like a regular benny but with lovely crispy pizza crust instead of a toasted English muffin. I am so on a plane :-). More deets please mattg!

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                        Here's my photo of Mozzeria's pizza Benedict from a few months ago. In addition to crust, they also know their Hollandaise, which was tangy and fresh. This reminds me I need to have it again and soon.

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                            Me too, too busy drooling. Only quibble: that damn salad. Mama needs some homefries with her 'za benedict ;-). Thanks for the photo, Frosty.

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                            I had this on my first visit and I was very impressed by the crust. Very impressed.
                            I have mixed feelings about hollandaise in general, so maybe someone else can comment as to whether they feel this combination is successful. Personally I'm more interested in returning to explore their 'normal' menu.

                    2. They have a breakfast pizza with egg, bacon and potato? at he pizza place just outside the Lombard gate to the Presidio. I liked it better than their standard varieties.

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                      1. sfeater is reporting that the new Gioia pizzeria in San Francisco now has weekend brunch with pizzas.


                        1. Rotten City in Emeryville now has their egg pizza every day. It's a thicker crust, rectangular pie, and the egg whites fill up the whole slice, with a nice semi-soft yolk. This is quite a substantial slice of pizza.