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Feb 20, 2012 04:07 PM

St. Louis to KC

Leaving Bloomington, IN Thurs AM and am planning to go as far as St Louis. Food and Lodging suggestions? No chain restaurants please, downtown hotel? Will be doing the same on the return trip on Sunday. Thanks much. I have no idea of what is along the route. I know we are being sent through Terre Haute and over through Effingham (I know, polite women say E-town). I've not made this trip before beyond E-town and then south. I am clueless as to what to expect.

Thanks in advance, Candy

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  1. Sorry, Candy, but you're confusing me here. Your headline says "St. Louis to KC" but your route is from Bloomington to St. Louis. If you're looking for St. Louis suggestions, there are many in prior threads. If you have specific wants/needs, you should let us know. For the Indiana and Illinois portions of your trip, however, you'll need to take this to a different board.

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    1. re: alan

      sounds like they're going through STL to KC and back (yeesh that's a lot of road time, I'll try to keep it relaxed).

      no gambly silliness?

      well if you can't do the Chase Park Plaza we're of no use. (heh </snot nose jerk>)

      but seriously - the Moonrise in the Loop?
      plenty of good food/nightlife/strolling around there

      I'd do Thursday downtown or in the Loop a day before they get too annoying with their weekend nonsense (but if you're downtown on Thursday I think that's when Al and Rockabilly Boy spin karaoke at Crack Fox (tell 'em my listed profile "real" name if they are)

      or in the CWE another in more relaxed environs is yeah it's a Comfort now and gets very mixed comments but opened as the Indigo before it went broke. nearby is Salt, Brasserie (by Niche) and a variety of cheap and pricey cafes and haunts of all types along Euclid for a pleasant evening of walking and window shopping.

      Sunday I'd stay in the West End. pretending I lived in one of those private-street houses.

      downtown is fun if you're under 35 or are trying real hard to feel that way.

      1. re: hill food

        Thanks, yes it is a lot of road time. We are in Bloomington, IN and it is a duty trip to see family. If I did not want to take a bunch of stuff to my niece we'd fly.

    2. I can tell you if you are going to/through Effingham, I hear ALOT of great things about this place.

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      1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

        1+ I love the firefly. They have dropped a lot of the less expensive menu options for lunch though. It is still really good but not the bargain it used to be. The pricing structure is also odd sometimes. Last time we were there, a sandwich with fries or salad was around $8 but a 3 inch sliced green tomato fried was $12. If you do eat there make sure they bring you whatever bread they have that day. It has always been complimentary but not all the servers will offer it--but I ask because it is house made and really good.

        1. re: wekick

          +2 for the Firefly. Farmhaus near I-44 in Arsenal in St. Louis is not to be missed.