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Feb 20, 2012 03:45 PM

Too much Marzipan!

I have about 18 pounds of Marzipan in my freezer. I had more, but I took out about 5 pounds to cover with chocolate a few weeks ago, and need other things to do with it. I don't really want to cover a cake (that would be a lot of cakes) and was wondering about other things to do with it. Could I reduce the sugar in a recipe and use it in place of almond paste? (probably not, right?) Anything besides eat it by the pound, with or without chocolate?

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  1. You can reduce sugar in a recipe(usually eliminate it completely) and use Marzipan in place of Almond paste.
    I have done it with Italian Pinenut Cookies and with a Almond Tea Cake.
    Marzipan has about double the Sugar that Almond Paste does.

    1. Where do you buy large qty of marzipan? You could make fruits and critters out of it!

      1. What a delicious problem to have!

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          I know! It is from a bakery that decided the marzipan was too old to make princess cakes with, but it tastes fine and has been kept in the fridge since it was opened. I've divided it into 1 pound pieces and frozen it, but it's taking a lot of space in my (extra) freezer

        2. I would do the same thing as I learned somewhere to do with almond paste in appropriate flavors of tart or pie: Roll a thin round and place atop the bottom crust before adding the filling. As you mentioned, you'd cut back the sugar in the recipe to compensate. You could fill brownie or cupcake pans halfway, put on a thin layer of marzipan, and top with remaining batter.

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            We have a family Christmas cookie tradition of both gingerbread and brownies with a marzipan layer in the middle (made from almond paste, egg white, and powdered sugar), made just the way you are suggesting - half the batter, then the rolled, chilled marzipan layer, then the rest of the batter. As long as the cake batter is fairly thick and the marzipan is chilled, it will support the marzipan and it will bake up as distinct layers rather than the marzipan disappearing into the cake. The marzipan layer in our recipe is around 1/3" thick.

          2. Ice cream

            Stuffed french toast

            Stuffed croissants