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Feb 20, 2012 03:11 PM

Has anyone tried Bolognese in a pressure cooker?

I have a craving for bolognese tonight, but not a lot of time. I am partial to Marcella Hazan's recipe; however, I am willing to try a tried and true recipe that is adaptable for the pressure cooker. Thanks

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  1. I have not made this, but this is from Hip Pressure Cooking:
    She's Italian, cooking and blogging in Italy, so her recipes are authentic. The ones I've tried have been good. Her photos and instructions are great.

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        ps To explain my multi-posts in the last few minutes regarding that site's URL: I am enamored of my new pressure cooker and got hooked on that site. (I've been hooked on this one for many years.) And they had to switch to a new URL. And I haven't felt very productive at work today, so detours like this are especially appealing.