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Feb 20, 2012 02:43 PM

Opinion on best burger bun?

Looking at having a serious Blumenthal granulated burger feast soon and wondering if anyone would chime in on their favourite bun solution. Egg/brioche/potato/pretzel bun? Somewhere local off the rack or a great recipe? Had a heavenly hotdog at Le Gros Jambon this weekend on an in-house roll and want to reach that level of bunnery. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I really like the burger buns at Boulangerie Guillaume. I am not exactly sure how to classify them though! But they held up well and really complemented the burger!

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    1. It depends on what type of burger you're planning on making - I'm not quite certain I understand what "a serious Blumenthal granulated burger feast" is exactly. The bun for a pub style burger is not going to work on a casse croute style burger. And similarly a casse croute style bun isn't going to work for fancy pants type of burger.

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        i bet he want's to try heston bluementhal burger recipe shown in his show in search of perfection, where you line up the strands of beef in the patty

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          Thanks. And I would suggest that instead of lining up the strands of pre-salted ground sirloin or doing anything in that recipe that he read up on J. Kenji López-Alt's burger lab.

          On flipping

          On making old fashioned burgers

          On when to salt your meat

          General tips

          On grinding

          On cheese

          On the cuts of meat

          And then to the question at hand, for a brioche bun Guillaume is very good, but I'd also suggest trying Mamie Clafoutis.

        1. there's a good selection of rolls at cantor's and montreal kosher, both side by side in wilderton shopping center in cote des neiges

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            Personnally, I like to use Arhoma's onion buns for my burgers.

          2. Check out this site and make your own hamburger buns. Haven't tried it yet (we intend to) but the reviews are great.