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Aug 7, 2001 06:21 PM

Chinese breakfast in Sacramento

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Hello all!

I have recently moved up here from Los Angeles and have been craving good Northern Chinese food. In particular I am looking for a place that serves Northern Chinese breakfast - bowls of warm, savory and sweet soy milk, fried radish cakes, long rolls of deep-fried dough. Mmmmm!

Has anyone is Sacramento seen any such thing?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Lisa - Yum! I didn't know what I was missing! I don't know of any one place that can give you the morning fix which you want, but might be able to help with some of the components. T.K. Noodles in Pacific Plaza at Stockton and 65th Street has diakon flour cakes. Don't know if this is what you want or not - they are thin, smallish squares made with diakon flour which are sauteed with eggs until the cakes are crisp on the outside and the egg is done just-right. Served with minced cilantro and scallion on top and a red vinegar dipping sauce.
    Several restaurants serve jook (rice porridge) which is accompanied with the fried bread sticks. New Canton on Broadway will make to order a dish with the fried bread sticks partially wrapped in rice noodles.
    Tell me some other things which might be included in a Northern Chinese breakfast - maybe I've seen them at one of the dim sum places.

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      Hi Karolyn

      Thanks very much for trying to help me in my search! I'd given up all hope for aid in my quest. The daikon flour cakes sound very good. I'll have to give them a try.

      I did come up with a couple of recommendations from some friendly Chinese waitresses.

      Peach Garden (10th & S) - bland jook, very crunchy deep-fried bread, served the soy milk warm in a bowl when asked. Interesting group of local Chinese men having an animated Saturday morning discussion outside.

      Yeung City (4940 Freeport) - variety of jook, I ordered the one with pork and preserved egg. I loved the egg, but overall found it somehow greasy tasting (how could that be?) and very salty :(

      New Tea Cup (21st & P) - not tried yet

      Rice Bowl - I've heard about the dim sum here, but haven't tried it yet.

      I'm really looking for the unique Northern Chinese breakfast which consists of more bread/rolls, eggs (omelette-like), and soy milk than the Cantonese style dim sum, which has so much pork and shrimp. The former seems more bland and breakfast like to me. Quite possibly this might not be found in a restaurant in Sacramento so I'll have to save it as a treat when I'm visiting Los Angeles.

      A friend and I went to the upstairs of New Canton today for dim sum. I guess they have the carts on the weekend, but don't have sufficient turnover to justify using them on the weekdays. I thought a couple of the dishes were quite good - deep fried stuffed taro balls and pork rolled in bean curd sheets, but without all the activity and the carts it just doesn't seem the same. I'll have to try again on a weekend.

      Thanks again!

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        Just found out Tapioca on Freeport. They sell Soybean drink. haven't given a try yet by myself.
        Ig you have more info about Norhtern food, pl let me know. I'm dying for that.

        1. re: Lisa T

          The short answer to your question is none. Sorry but northern Chinese is not big here. You may want to try Yummy Guide, which is more Cantonese, but they do open early on weekends (Freeport Blvd.). No one opens for breakfast nor serve the northern style breakfast items. Tapioca Cafe is more Taiwanese but do have some Shanghainese items (also on Freeport).

          New Canton is the best dim sum place in Sac. Note that the newer style dim sum places in LA don't have carts either. BTW it is owned by the same group that owns The Kitchen in Alhambra.

          1. re: PeterL

            PeterL, I am very interested in your post regarding Tapioca Care. I was looking for Northern Chinese style breakfast but have had no luck in Sacramento. I know you state there is none to be found in the area, but the Tapioca Cafe menu sounds at least checking out. I couldn't find the place though on freeport blvd. I did find Tapioca Express, but that seems to be more of a drink place than anything else. Any help would be great.

            1. re: joelyang

              Joel: It is Tapioca Express on Freeport, in a same strip mall as New HK Wok. It's been awhile since I was there. They mostly serve drinks, but they do (did?) have a menu serving some Shanghainese dishes. I am guessing they are frozen re-heated.

              Tapioca Express
              5131 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822

      2. I would love to know too!! I haven't seen any Shanghai-style foods here in disappointing!! That's why we go back to the bay area on the weekends.

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        1. re: guavagirl

          If anyone does find a restaurant, please post it. Amazing considering the variety in SF and the silicon valley.

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            The former Tapioca Express at 5131 Freeport, now called Boba Cafe (Shan Dong Noodle Restaurant in Chinese), does serve Chinese breakfast - you tiao (long donuts), xiao bing (sesame flaky pastry), soy milk, fan tuan (made with glutinous rice), etc. I haven't tried their Chinese breakfast, but I believe someone else has reviewed the fan tuan.

            Boba Cafe is a good place for northern Chinese cuisine. We had the spicy beef noodle soup, spicy wontons, and pork chop rice. Everything was good, and there was plenty to eat for $19. I like my noodles more chewy, the beef tendon should be more tender, the pork chop rice had practically no vegetables and no accoutrements like stewed egg (just a little chopped-up bok choy fried rice), and the spicy wontons weren't spicy at all, but by Sacramento standards (I'm from the San Gabriel Valley), it's not bad.