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Feb 20, 2012 02:05 PM

Minneapolis weekend

Thanks for your great recommendations for Minneapolis. In a little while, I am going there for a weekend with some other foodie friends. How does this look below? Also, I was wondering if people could suggest some good "cocktail" locations - vintage drinks with local ingredients perhaps?

#1 Dinner choice
#2 Choice for dinner, lunch; definitely brunch!
#3 Choice for dinner, lunch or maybe brunch
Strip Club - drink/small plate?

Vietnamese LUNCH!!!
Upscale: (YUM possibility)

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  1. I'd swap Craftsman for Heidi's if you are doing dinner. Otherwise great choices. Bradstreet for cocktails.

    1. Certainly a solid list. For the top bar, I believe Marvel Bar is the place at the moment.

      If you're looking for a local ethnic kick, check out the Hmong Village for street-food style stalls. Ngon is very good though.

      For Brunch I think Blackbird Cafe is doing wondrous things.

      My favorite restaurant is Travail. There is a bit of rigamarole to get in (be there before they open and wait in line), but they do a 10 course tasting for 2 for $80. It's super-foodie, casual, and fun.

      If I was going somewhere on someone else's dime, I would choose Alma or Piccolo.

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      1. Sure...sounds good. Craftsman doesn't really excite me...not bad, but not in my top 10 places to eat in MSP. Meritage, Heidi's, Piccolo...all more fascinating to me.

        For drinks, the Strip Club is going to be good. Bradstreet Crafthouse and the lounge at La Belle Vie are known for their mixology/great and thoughtful cocktails.

        1. My vote on your choices: Awesome! Though me, instead of dinner at Craftsman, I might try to squeeze in a visit to Victory 44 - or Travail, if I felt like waiting in an endless line or could arrive at 5pm.

          1. echo the others here....scrap Craftsman.