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Feb 20, 2012 12:40 PM

Pho Xinh (So Jersey)?

There seems to be 2 locations for this restaurant. Are they owned by the same proprietors? We were thinking of trying the one at Short Hills on the border between Cherry Hill and Voorhees. We also noticed a Pho place in the big shopping center at the intersection of Rts 70 & 73. Are either of these good? Is there someplace better for Pho in So Jersey? Thanks.

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  1. They also have a third location in Mt Laurel. The Marlton location has not opened yet. The food and the Pho are very solid.
    The grilled meat (pork, beef and chicken) Pho is the best anywhere.
    Overall Pho Eden in Cherry Hill is better.

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    1. re: shoeman

      Shoeman, the statement that the grilled meat pho is the best anywhere is a very strong statement. Have you tried any of the places on Washington Ave in Philadelphia?

      Personally I have had nothing better than Vietnam cafe in Telford, PA... but I have not tried all the places on Wash Ave nor either of the places you mentioned in South Jersey.

      1. re: cwdonald

        cwdonald - Yes - Thanks for calling me out on that. I have been to all of the Pho houses on Washington Ave and Chinatown. The best grilled meat Pho is a Pho Xinh on Evesham Ave. If I can travel to Chinatown for the best sugar cane shrimp paste and vermicille you can come to CH for grilled meat Pho

    2. Bunch of new Vietnamese places in S Jersey these days. Pho Garden on Kings Hwy in CH opened recently had I've been there several times. Beef pho is pretty good, but I think the spring rolls from Pho Eden are better. Also noticed a new Pho restaurant on Route 38 in Mt. Laurel (shopping center with Aldi).

      1. Tried Pho Xinh on Evesham Rd and found to be inconsistant.
        The two I enjoy the most in Cherry Hill area is the new Pho Garden? on Kings HWY by CVS and my favorite is the Pho 38 in Pennsauken. It is at the end of the center where Flower World, "we never close" closed.
        The broth at Pho 38 is what keeps me coming back. Anyone can grill the meat well, the subtleties are in the broth.