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Feb 20, 2012 12:20 PM

"Latest Chowhound Posts"

I tuned in around 10 AM and read two posts under LCP that I wanted to respond to after I obtained some relevant informatin. Now at around 2 PM they seem to be long gone. The page for LCP covers all of 28 minutes of past posts. Is there any way to go further back in that category than what is shown on the page that comes up first? Thanks.

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  1. Yes. Which answers the question about why the old hot posts link is so important and should be more prominent.

    Go to your profile

    Click on the "Following" tab

    Click on Unread posts

    If someone has responded since you looked up info, then it will show up there.

    Then there is the search box in the upper right corner.

    Another option is if you know the board that the post appeared, then go to that board and scroll down until you find it.

    Or, in the future if you want to respond later, save to your profile.

    Or, in the future just reply and say you will report back later. That will keep it in your profile.