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Aug 5, 2001 10:21 PM

San Diego- Point Loma area food?

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My boyfriend and I are going to San Diego to visit with his elderly grandparents for Wed and Thursday. Because we don't wish to tire them out too much we thought we would catch a taxi, go to dinner and then go on to the airport for our 10pm flight on Thursday. They live in Point Loma (wherever that is) and I have been told that is only a 10-15 minute ride from the airport. So...I am looking for a place to eat for the one night-Thursday for just the two of us, within some kind of taxi distance from either Point Loma or the airport. I read the description of chow-hound and I realized that is what I am (Who else orders one thing from four or five different places and spends whole afternoons going from one end of San Francico to the other just to get dinner for one night, but a CHOWHOUND!?) I am looking for the "If you only have one night there then you absoulutely have to eat at...." Even if the answer is the take-out-taco-stand on the corner of such and such. THANKS!

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  1. If it were me, I'd go to Qwiggs in Ocean Beach (which is on the Point Loma peninsula). Not so much for the food, but for the fact it overlooks the ocean, and it's very nice at sunset.

    1. The Blue Crab restaurant has a fantastic view of the harbor and is right on the water! It is in Point Loma and they just got a new chef that was trained from the Culinary Institute of America, america's finest cooking school. Give it a shot I'm sure you will enjoy!

      1. I'd go to Thee Bungalow in Ocean Beach (the backside of Point Loma) Top notch food, superb and reasonably priced wine list, reaonable prices, but no view.

        1. Good food or good view, which do you prefer? I always vote for food. There are two exceptional restaurants a five minute taxi ride from the airport: Laurel and Bertrand's. They are exceptional in food, service and price. I prefer Laurel and recommend the tasting menu which includes wine for $60/person.