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Feb 20, 2012 11:23 AM

Restaurants around Union Square

I'll be in SF next week for a conference but will not have a rental car. I'd appreciate recommendations for restaurants around Union Square or that would be accessible via public transportation from the area. Thanks!

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  1. What's your budget? Gitane has a fun vibe - used to have good food but haven't been in a couple years. Sons and Daughters is over there as is Farallon.

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    1. re: goldangl95

      Budget is not fixed - would be willing to spring for a couple of nice dinners, but don't want to go too overboard. Say, between $20 - 40 would be good. Less is always good, too. :-)

    2. There are quite a few French restaurants on Belden Place, which I believe you can walk to from Union Square. See

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        Sweetelf - where are you coming from? If you are coming from an area that has good renditions of French food (say NY), I would skip Belden Place.

        If not, then it is cute atmosphere and OK French food.

        1. re: goldangl95

          I'm coming from North Carolina - generally not known for good renditions of French food. :-)

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            Actually, now that I think about it again, for French food you should check out Le Charm. Their chicken liver salad is excellent if you're into that sort of thing (I certainly am), also the mussels, and goat cheese with brussels sprouts.

            For mains I don't think I can recommend anything as their menu changes regularly, though I have enjoyed the salmon with lentils.