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Feb 20, 2012 11:06 AM

Osaka Restaurant in Hollywood

I had reservations for tomorrow night at this restaurant, and was really looking forward to trying it out. Reviews were great, and I got a deal from BloomSpot. But I just got a call from the restaurant and they are CLOSING!! Whoever I spoke with, maybe the owner or manager, sounded so sad about it. I felt sort of heart-broken for him.

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  1. Wow, that's really sad news. The place was gorgeous and I know they spent a ton of money on the buildout. I ate there once and was quite impressed and have been meaning to go back but I live close to Picca Peru and when I want Peruvian sushi, I go there.

    1. The location sucked for it. There was a Katsuya a few blocks away and that restaurant probably was more of a scene type place so I would assume more people would have headed there. Sucks that they spent 3 years building it out and it closes in merely 5 years.

      It was a beautiful space but the restaurant was too good for that address.

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        "closes in merely 5 years"? This place just opened in late 2011. More like 5 months.

        Katsuya is right across the street, and until they complete all the additional residential construction (535 more residential units at Hollywood and Argyle), it looks like this area couldn't support two places so similar.

        It was a beautiful buildout, though. I'm sure a new operator, who can differentiate themselves from what's already around there, and without all the overhead of paying for the buildout, will have a much better chance for success. I'll be keeping my eye on it.