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Feb 20, 2012 10:34 AM

Spread - new Portland restaurant to open in Gaucho/Oolong space

Licenses to be approved this week for long time Fuji head chef Jung Hur to open at 100 Commercial St.

Spread’s menu “will consist of a blend of American and Asian cuisine.” The draft menu starter/tapas has "spreads" on bread that include clam, lobster, haggis(!), yogurt seasoned vegetables and potato garlic.

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  1. Such a great location and set up. Hoping someone finally makes it work.

    1. Any updates on this? There have been some reviews outside of CH, but has anybody here been yet?


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      1. re: Mike CP

        I'm not sure if it's visible to anyone, but I posted about Spread a few days ago! I went there for a VIP resception a couple weeks ago. We had a limited menu, but the food was superb and the decor was elegant and original, with all artwork created by the owner, who is/was a chef at Fuji. The Maine Sunday Telegram gave it 4 stars in their review in the Audience section on June 17th. Can anyone tell me if this comment and/or previous post are visible??

        1. re: soxlover

          sox, this is the only comment from you I see.

          Maine Sunday Telegram review emphasized the "dress up"/social scene aspect of this place. Is that to the extent that I'm not going to be comfortable in Chinos and a Polo shirt (for example)?

          1. re: HDinCentralME

            I think that, as at almost all the restaurants in Portland, even the upscale, you would fit in and be totally welcomed in chinos and a polo. The place is quite beautiful, but I didn't feel it was snobbish or pretentious in any way. The bartenders were rather casually dressed, so I don't think their emphasis is on a dress code.

          2. re: soxlover

            Your original post is there back on June 13.