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Feb 20, 2012 09:27 AM

Bon Ga Korean

Well, Jaymes and I met yesterday for some Korean food at Bon Ga on Long Point between Bunker Hill and Witte. I knew where it was but still missed it the first time by, so keep a sharp look out.

My son and I had stopped here some years ago, but we had no idea what we were doing and I have no idea what we had. I just remember the myriad little side dishes that accompany (apparently) every order.

Jaymes said she had been there several times in the past and usually had bulgogi which of course is the "typical" Korean meal for Americans. I had heard of it as "Korean BBQ" so I expected something from the grill, but like Cajun BBQ Shrimp, not so much. This was a dish of delicately marinated thin strips of beef with scallion and seemed more stir fried than grilled. I don't know anything about the actual preparation, but it was delicious and I ate every bite.

Jaymes had the Bibimbap which is mixed vegetables over rice.She was expecting a brothy soup, (like pho), and instead it was more like a salad. Come to find out that what she wanted was the "Hot Pot Bibimbap" which is more of a soup.

Now we know.

What I remembered from before and what really shone this time are the numerous little side dishes with kimchi, pickled cukes, broccoli with hot sauce, tofu and stir fried veggies, sweet potatoes and onions, stewed spinach, (or some other green), etc. They give you just a few nibbles of each, but when taken with the entree, you can create each bite to be utterly different.

Pure genius.

I think they charge iced tea by the glass since I asked for another glass when they brought our bill. The waitress brought my change and then came back to collect for the last iced tea. I am a tea-a-holic, so I probably had about $10 in tea alone.

C'mon guys, this is Houston. You're already charging me for a couple of pitchers on the first glass.

Refills should be free.

Regardless, I'll be back. I must have more.

Tried to go to Super H Market afterwards but there was a line in street just to get the opportunity to search for a parking space.

Some other time. <shrug>

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  1. I just have to add that I was so pleased that Doobs joined me here. He is the most delightful dining companion imaginable. Of course, we'd love to have some other Houston CH-ers join us as well sometime.

    I don't know much about Korean food, but love what I've had. Met a Korean woman very soon after my arrival in Houston and asked her where she and her family went for restaurant meals and she said they all agreed that Bon Ga was the best in town. So I wasted no time in getting there.

    And, of course, ordered the bulgogi, which is really my very favorite. Not just my favorite Korean dish, but one of my favorite dishes, period.

    But every time I've been, I've promised myself that "next time" I'm going to try something different. I think it's a really good sign when you're sitting at a restaurant enjoying a meal and already thinking over what you're going to order next time.

    And for me, next time, it's definitely the "Hot Pot" Bibimbap!

    I should have done a little more investigating. A quick Google would have led me to this review by Alison Cook, which even has a photo of the dish I thought I was ordering!

    Next time, I'm definitely ordering with a little more care and knowledge. And I'm getting the whatever-it-is-that-Alison-says-to-get.

    (And maybe some bulgogi to take home.)