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Feb 20, 2012 08:44 AM

Is Schwa still open?

I heard it closed suddenly when Michael went to California. Never heard if it actually reopened.
Also, any suggestions on when is the best date/time to call and get an actual answer? Or at least space on the answering machine?

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    1. I have a reservation for next week, which I made 2 weeks ago. So I sure hope it is open, it was as of the time I called and talked to a guy there. I called for 3 days every half hour or so between noon and six, when I succeeded it was a Thursday right at noon. I am prepared for the fact that they might cancel day of, which seems to be common, but hoping for the best!

      1. My son ate there about 2 weeks ago. His original reservation was in mid-January, which they cancelled on about 3 hour notice. But, he's not begruding them. Said the meal was stupendous.