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Feb 20, 2012 08:31 AM

The Spiciest Mexican Dish in Austin

Help me, Chowhounds! What can I order that will BURN MY FACE OFF? The fajitas w/ Jalapenos at Habanero Cafe come close to doing the trick, as does Torchy's Diablo Sauce (when applied in sufficient quantity), but I want MORE.

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  1. anything with the habanero sauce at TacoDeli. I prefer a mixture of their green sauce (sort of wasabi-like) and regular roasted salsa

    1. The puerco en chile verde (carnitas just titled differently) at El Borrego is pretty damn spicy. I've only had them once so I can't speak for them being consistently hot, but my nose was running and my eyes were watering pretty bad when I ate them.

      1. Don't forget the habanero sauce at Habanero.

        1. Not sure if this would qualify but I went to Ruby's BBQ and had a brisket taco. I've never experienced anythig like it. The waitress noted that the cook could sometimes overdo it on the spice. My mouth tingled before it burned. It was crazy.

          1. I drink the those double-shots of green sauce from El Pollo Rico (Stassney and First). Sometimes I go to one of the adjacent Mexican markets and get a half pound of little chicharones from the meat counter to dip in there.

            I really didn't think the jalapeno fajitas were that hot, but it's a been a while since I've gone inside Habenero. The heat in jalapenos you get from the grocery stores have really been varying lately. From no heat to very very hot. It's frustrating. Grocery stores need to fix that with their suppliers.


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              to segue for a moment:
              A farmer at the farmer's market told me that the real mild ones are the TAM jalapenos, developed by Texas A&M specifically for people that don't like heat (or taste), obviously.

              1. re: TroyTempest

                Yes... and I have never been able to buy jalapenos or habaneros at the store that are half as hot as the ones I grow in my back yard. I think that nearly all the mass market grocery store peppers (at least the ones I've tried) are on the mild side these days. Farmer's market ones might be better for heat.