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Feb 20, 2012 07:48 AM

Help - Boss needs to pick up takeout lunch for five enroute Bridgeport to Westport, CT

My boss will be traveling from Bridgeport (via I-95) to Kings Highway North in Westport. He wants to pick up lunch on the way to bring to the meeting--perhaps a gourmet sandwich shop. One person at the destination had suggested Panera or Roly Poly but neither are really on the way. Any ideas--probably not too ethnic as we don't know what their tastes are. I was thinking healthy sandwiches and a salad or even a couple of pizzas, etc., where I could call ahead and order for him to pick up while he is on his way. Thanks in advance CHers!

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  1. Garelick and Herbs or Balducci's in Westport both have tons of sandwiches, salads, etc. Garelick probably has more variety and it's probably fresher and better.
    Chef's Table in Fairfield also has tons of sandwiches, salads, etc., maybe even pizza if I'm not mistaken.
    Closer to Kings Highway is The Wild Pear. Same kind of stuff as the other places.

    1. Oscar's deli on Main Street is relatively close to Kings Highway N - the sandwiches aren't gourmet but they're packed and tasty (and Westport-priced).

      There's also the recently revived Art's Deli on Rt. 33 near downtown/KHN - it's an Italian deli that also makes monster (and normal-sized, I think) sandwiches that are neither gourmet nor healthy, but are also excellent.

      And if you go to the comments on this blog post, there are some mini-reviews for Art's.

      I occasionally get these no-pressure last-minute assignments - good luck in your quest.

      1. Jimmy & Maria's Corporate Deli on John St in Bridgeport. Their food is great

        1. When I was working in Westport the Westport Deli was our standard place to get lunch - hot & cold sandwiches, salads, daily specials, etc. Nothing terribly fancy, but it was always fresh & tasty. (But full disclosure, I haven't worked in Westport & eaten their food in a few years.)

          1. Golds deli in Westport is really good as well. Fresh turkey, pastrami, lean corn beef & ask for the vinegar cole slaw....It's perfect.