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Feb 20, 2012 06:54 AM

Rehoboth Beach Long Weekend Suggestions?

We are taking our dogs down for a long weekend in Rehoboth Beach and are looking for lunch and dinner suggestions. We will be touring the Dog Fish Head Brewery. Any good recommendations in the Rehoboth Beach area for lunch and dinner?

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  1. Love Arenas deli for lunch, also love Big Fish for lunch . For dinner my fav is actually a 15 min drive south on route one to Bethany Beach and Blue Coast for world class seafood!

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      I will second Big Fish Grill for lunch/dinner. Great seafood and moderately priced. The place can get a bit loud due to the open layout of the restaurant, so lunch might be a better bet if you don't want to deal with the noise.

      Take a look at Nage in Rehoboth. Fantastic restaurant.

    2. Fish On in Lewes, owned by the Sodel Concepts, which also owns Blue Coast, in Bethany and a number of others. Matt's Fish Camp, in Northern Bethany is a classic, though high end fry shop. You can bring your dogs, and sit outside at the picnic tables or eat inside at the diner like interior. Great fried oysters, crab cakes, etc. If you bring your dogs, and it's not yet season, you have the beach at the end of the block. Matt's is also owned by the same group.

      1. When you go to Milton for the brewery I STRONGLY suggest that you stop at Po Boys for a meal. Its only 5 minutes from the brewery and they have the most amazing food at affordable prices.

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          I would second Po Boys, probably my favorite place in the area. Fish & Cajun. Open for lunch & dinner.

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            Thanks so much everyone for your suggestions in Rehoboth Beach. Here is what we ended up doing: The first night we got in late and went to the Dogfish Head Brewpub for dinner. We ended up making our own impromptu beer/dinner paitring including hot wings with their Jalepeno Cilantro Ale, a mushroom soup paired with a beer brewed w/ Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme and then a summer sausage & queso fresco pizza with a beer brewed with pinot noir grapes. All very tasty.

            We had lunch one day at Agave in Lewes which was a bit of a dissappointment. After a longer than estimated wait we had a guacamole sampler that was sadly underseasoned and a queso fundidpo that was still cold in the center but after being reheated by the kitchen was at least average.

            Easily the best meal of the trip was dinner at Pig & Fish in Rehoboth. Their crab bisque was among the better soups we have had and this was paired with a nice beer and cocktail selection including homemade sangria. The entrees were particularly memorable with my wife having a smoked pork tenderloin with tabasco and a sage honey glaze matched with an amazing smoked tomato risotto while I had a NY Strip with gorgonzola herb butter and a crab cake that was also outstanding. We then split a house made bread pudding dessert and left blown away by the experience. Definitely would reccomend Pig and Fish as the quintessential gastro pub with great service, food and drink.

            Our final day we got some house made cheeses and meats from Touch of Italy in Lewes for lunch (highly reccomend their smoked mozz) then later headed to Nage in Rehoboth for our dinner. Nage was quite good with a mushroom soup with goat cheese and very tasty truffle frites among the highlights and excellent service as well. Thanks again for the suggestions and hope to be back to the area soon.