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Feb 20, 2012 06:49 AM

St. Charles Streetcar line - can I get to restaurants past the Riverbend or is still being repaired?

When I was visiting last October I was surprised to find the St. Charles Streetcar line stopped at Fern St. just before South Carrollton. The stretch along South Carrollton was all dug up and under repair. I thought I would bring this to the attention of any dinners planning to ride the St. Charles line past the Riverbend.

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  1. As of Friday, the streetcar was running on St Charles as far as Carrrollton. You can transfer to a bus to go to Claiborne, but the Riverbend area is just a block or so from where you get off.

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      Is the place where the bus picks you up right next to the place where the streecar ends? How often does the bus make the run up and down Carrolton? How far up Carrolton does it go? Thanks! I will be staying in a B&B near St. Charles and Carrolton and visitng many places in the general area.

      1. re: andymargles

        Sorry, I'm not sure about the answers, except that the bus goes to the end of the streetcar line, carrollton & Claiborne. I got on at St Charles & Carrollton and headed downtown. I didn't notice where the bus had dropped people off. You could try calling RTA

    2. They send a single car all the way to Carrollton. The rest stop at Fern Street because they are only using one track in some spots between St. Charles and Claiborne.