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Jul 30, 2001 11:52 AM

bodega bay

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i'm looking for a breakfast place known for their seafood omlettes- i think it's down by the wharf. it was just in the sac bee but i forgot to save it

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    1. I think you may mean The Tides Wharf Restaurant. Great seafood. They remodelled a few years ago and expanded a lot. Now there is a sit-down restaurant, fast food windows, a fish market and a gift shop. It's right on the water.

      1. There are no good restaurants in Bogeda Bay; the Tides is mediocre and very very expensive with horrible service. Better go to Sebastopol where where are many top level: Lucys, Alices at 101 Main Street, J and K Bistro are all at the intersection of Main St (AKA Gravenstein Highway South, AKA Hwy 116) and Hwy 12 (AKA Bodega Highway). I live in the area; believe me.

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          Leslie Brenner

          Carol, can you tell us what you like about Lucy's, Alice's and J and K Bistro? What is their food like? I'm intrigued...Thanks!

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            True, but there is an AWESOME fish and chips stand in the little shopping center on the south end of the town. I don't know its name, but this is the grocery store at the north end of the center. You buy the f&c at the window out front and drinks inside. The freshest cod, right off the boat, beer-battered until it shines, and fried to perfection. The best I've ever tasted.