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Feb 20, 2012 05:59 AM

Japanese Sandwiches? [Westchester]

Anyone know if traditional crustless Japanese sandwiches are available in Westchester anywhere? And heck in Manhattan if nowhere else?

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  1. Not crustless, but you can get sandwich combos on Japanese white bread at Daido on mamaroneck ave in White Plains. I assume you are talking about katsu/cabbage, tuna salad, ham, and egg salad. They also have tuna/corn and hot dog "pastries" found in Japan. Cafe Zaiya in Manhattan has the best selection, including a $5 chicken sandwich that is awesome. The sunrise mart down the street also offers some good offerings such as a croquette sandwich. Nijiya in hartsdale has a smaller selection.

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      Thank you AdamD! I'm gonna check some of these out, my research shows me you are definitely in the ballpark! Alley

      1. re: Allisondbl

        My pleasure. Daido is my favorite food store. Dont forget to get some nori flavored chips to go with the sandwiches! They have decent bento boxes and rice balls as well.
        Once you visit Daido you will soon be making your own sushi and having shabu shabu at home!

        Oh and the largest Japanese market around is Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. They have nice food court and Its worth the trip if you are into Japanese food, sake or cookware items!

    2. Might help if you put either Westchester, or anywhere in NYS, in your original post. Helps those of us who have no clue whether we should respond or not.

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        Thanks Trakman, you're right it would have been good to put Westchester/Manhattan in the TITLE to the post, but if you look I DO ask for Westchester "or heck Manhattan" IN the original post! Tried to amend the title for future searchers/readers, but unfortunately after two hours you can't! I'll try to remember for next time. Tak Alley

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          Love Love Love Daido. Whether to get a frozen bag of gyoza or the $7 lunch special at the sushi counter, restock my Asian sauce supply or feed my mochi fix, there is always something there I want. Note, the mochi was cheaper @ Daido than Kam Sen. Wonder what else is too?