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Feb 20, 2012 05:54 AM

One Eyed Betty's Ferndale (DTW)

Anyone realize this place existed? It took over the spot of the late unlamented Cantina Diablo's in Ferndale.

We ate there on the spur of the moment Saturday (breakfast only til 2 PM, had to readjust from a burger and beer craving!).

We liked our breakfasts and $5 Absolut Bloody Marys very very much (unfortunately the breakfast menu is not "Sweaty Betty" consisted of amazingly good potatoes, smoked sausage, spicy peppers and two eggs for $7, side of sourdough toast extra).

Service was slow...they've only been open for two weeks so I'm willing to cut them some slack

And the non-breakfast menu looks very interesting, along with the 40 beers on tap! We will go back.

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    1. re: VTB

      They have pinball machines too!

    2. Also reviewed favorably in the Free Press. The New Orleans style barbecued shrimp looked especially tasty!

      1. The chow-oriented son of berkleygary and berkleybabe and his SO went there just after it opened and recommended it highly. Esp. beer selection --looks like a great addition to the area. Coney thanks for the breakfast tip, was curious about it and sounds like a winner.

        1. They open at 4pm weekdays FYI