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Feb 20, 2012 04:11 AM

Best lunch in downtown Asheville?? (Weekday)

Looking for the best place to have lunch in downtown Asheville during the week! Have tried Mela, Laughing Seed, Mellow Mushroom, Thai Toni... A lot of the restaurants I would like to try don't do lunch (zambra, limone, etc.) Any recommendations??

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  1. I really like Lexington Avenue Brewery (LAB). Last time I went I had the Korean reuben, which was really good.

    1. First choice would be Curate. Then Cucina 24 or Tupelo Honey. For ultra-casual but good I also enjoy Mamacita's. And I would also consider the 3 minute jaunt from downtown to the River Arts District and hit up 12 Bones or White Duck Taco.

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        I would add a second for White Duck Taco. Excellent and good prices. Might be a touch chilly this time of year.

        1. re: Nocturnalbill

          I second 12 Bones...and Curate, if you don't mind the extra $. And I third White Duck, which is uber-cheap. Chai Pani has decent Indian "street food," but I like Mela better. (I see you've already been there.) I don't think Plant (across the Charlotte St. bridge) serves lunch at this time, which is too bad because it's pretty great. LAB was lousy last time we went--probably a year ago.

      2. I always recommend Early Girl as well...I think a lot of folks think it's only a breakfast place, but I actually prefer lunch and dinner there!

        I third Curate (which is downtown) and 12 Bones (which isn't....but it's not that far!)...haven't had a chance to try White Duck, so I have no opinion. ;)

        You could also cruise around and watch for food trucks. ElKimchi seems to stop most Mondays and Fridays in the lot for Vinnie's on Merrimon. Of course, if you're coming in from out of town, you're probably looking for a place to sit down and eat!