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Feb 20, 2012 03:12 AM

Recommendations for Dining in Brussels!


My spouse and I are spending three nights/four days in Brussels at the end of March. It is simply a short vacation trip (no distracting agendas, etc.) and we are hoping to sample the best of what Brussels has to offer when it comes to dining.

We are not looking for fancy dining places, just the best of what the city has to offer within a short walk/train/bus ride - we are staying at Place Rogier - even if it is a food cart or a take away. Certainly restaurants with a dine-in area are welcome.

Perhaps a list of items for which we can solicit recommendations?
Beer (brewery tours?)
(not exhaustive, more tips are welcome!)

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  1. Mussels (moules) are in season from mid july to mid april and at their best sept/oct - try La Bonne Humeur on Chaussee de Louvain (near Rogier, metro stop Madou) or Friture Rene in Anderlecht (a bit further way but also on metro) for something authentic and not too many tourists. Beer - Morte Subite? There's lots more info in other postings