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Feb 20, 2012 12:33 AM

Restaurants near SF Airport

I will be staying at a hotel near the SF airport one night in mid-March and want to find a good restaurant with outside seating, preferably no Asian since I'm on my way to Asia and no Mexican since I live in Mexico. Also I would prefer something not too expensive. I'm always appalled at the prices when I go to the US, which isn't very often. I found better food and better prices in Germany when I lived there.

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  1. Good, old style Italian is nearby in So. San Francisco off Airport Road & 101.
    Also at the airport is Lark Creek Grill with fine food for an airport and excellent wine list.

    Sodini's Bertoluccis Ristorante
    421 Cypress Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080

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    1. re: Bruce in SLO

      Thank you for your prompt response. Unfortunately, Sodini's Bertoluccis is closed on Monday, which is the day I will be there.

      A friend, who lives in Marin County, says the SF Airport has lots of restaurants and some of them are pretty good, but I would like to avoid the airport restaurants since I smoke and don't enjoy non-smoking restaurants. f I thought I could get it past Customs, I would bring leftovers from home and eat in my room since I usually have good leftovers and I will be eating out in Asia for a month..

      1. re: RevImmigrant

        Abandon hope all ye enter the San Francisco Bay Area looking for a restaurant where they can smoke.

        1. re: wolfe

          Wolfe, most of the places I've been to with a smoking ban, i.e. Germany, have smoking at the outside tables. I was in San Diego last July and could smoke at the outside tables. We have a smoking ban here now too, but you can still smoke at the outside tables.

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              We removed a couple of posts from here that were getting off-topic. Since the state of anti-smoking laws has been clarified, we'd ask that people let this sub-thread go. Thanks.

      2. re: Bruce in SLO

        If you still want Italian, this place is good and close to SFO:

        1. re: baron45

          This one looks promising and they have takeout. The food sounds good.

      3. That's kind of a tough request since most of the good, cheap places in that area are Asian or Mexican. Maybe you know this since you're asking about outdoor seating, but virtually all restaurants in California are non-smoking since employers are required to provide smoke-free workplaces.

        Maybe Cafe Grillades?

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          This one looks good too with food I like and they also have takeout. I will definitely put these on the list.