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Where to buy frog legs in DFW?

I'm living in Fort Worth, so does anyone know a place to get some frog legs? Thanks~~~~~

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  1. 99 Ranch in Plano is the cheapest I've found...

    1. A friend buys them at Fiesta very often.

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        Thanks. Do you know which one does your friend usually go? I didn't see any frog legs at the Fiesta nearby..

        1. re: dayowa

          The one in Oak Cliff at 3434 W. Illinois.

      2. Central market sales them in fort worth....so maybe a CM near you? I would call and ask.

        1. Most asian stores sell them in the freezer section, way cheaper than CM.

          1. Hong kong market will have them

            1. if your looking for cooked frog legs, i know you can get them at freds. on 7th street in fort worth.

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                Nova on W. Davis Street in Oak Cliff also serves them.

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                  I second Hong Kong Market - or Asia World Market in Plano.