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Feb 19, 2012 11:43 PM

Canned jackfruit?

the March issue of Vegetaran Times feature some great looking recipes calling for canned baby jackfruit in brine. Anyone out there knwvwhere I can buy it in LA? I'm in West Hollywood but frequently go to West LA and the SF valley so that would be fine if it's available there. The magazine claims it makes a great meat substitute and I'm intrigued by the idea...


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  1. It's much easier to find canned jackfruit packed in syrup than in brine. I have found it packed in brine at A Grocery Warehouse in Echo Park and at the Hawaii supermarket in San Gabriel.

    1. I believe the Silom Supermarket (a Thai supermarket) has canned jackfruit. I'm not sure that they have baby jackfruit but it should satisfy your needs. They also have all sorts of other funky canned Asian fruits (e.g., toddy palm, mangosteen). But, yeah, I think it is in syrup rather than brine. But, if you wanted, you could just drain the syrup and then brine it yourself for a day or two...

      5321 Hollywood Blvd
      Los Angeles, CA 90027

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        Thanks for the tips. The recipes specify the baby jackfruit in brine. Could I rwally brine it myself with the same results?

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          You can get the canned jackfruit in brine at some asian stores. SG Superstore carries it (look for the one that says "in water" instead of "in syrup"). I just got a can the other day from Valley Produce in Simi Valley too. I've never seen baby jackfruit though, only cut up pieces in the brine. I use the canned jackfruit for indian style spiced jackfruit (kathal ki sabzi). I just rinse it and cut it into smaller pieces.

        2. re: film_score

          Jackfruit in syrup is "ripe" jackfruit and will not work for your recipe. Baby jackfruit is "unripe" jackfruit and used in savory preparations.

          India Sweets and Spices might have what you are looking for. I go to the shop on Los Feliz Blvd. But they have a store in Culver City too, I think.

        3. If you head East, it should be readily available if you go to any Thai market in Hollywood Thai town.

          1. I would try the 99 Ranch grocery stores. The one I go to is on Sepulveda and Victory in Van Nuys (next to Sam Woo BBQ -- YUM!) but I believe there are others as well.