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Feb 19, 2012 11:40 PM


In spite of early negative comments, we continue to be delighted with this recently revamped/upgraded restaurant in the Marina. Two dinners and one breakfast have given us 100% positive results. Service, ambiance, menu selection/creativity, food quality and preparation - all excellent. Reasonable pricing is a plus. When we left last night the place was full of people with happy faces.

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  1. What have you had to eat in your visits and what would you recommend/have again? Here was my recent review and I also added a positive review of their key lime pie when we went a second time after that time. On our second visit my wife thought her turkey and dressing was a okay. My burger was good, but not great. We'll go again because I still see this as an affordable "date night" option since the interior space is quite nice after the remodel.

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      Last night was hot turkey sandwich (which became two meals), excellent small filet, great butternut
      squash soup. Previously, always great soup, an interesting pasta dish and dinner salad, and??
      Breakfast was simple, but perfect - looking forward to trying more of that menu.