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Need Kosher Style Caterer

Planning family reunion for 18 -22 people, (Ages 12 -94.)
Want locale in Philly - Trenton area.
Need leads on Kosher STYLE caterers in area.

Thanx Much


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  1. I'm sure you'll get lots of recommendations. Here is on that has been in business for a long time:


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      Bettys food is awful! A few years ago they did the food for the Phillies Jewish night game. BURNT to a crisp hot dogs, frozen then heated kinishes and jelly donuts with HANNUKAH stickers in the packages in AUGUST! TERRIBLE!

    2. I am not well versed in caterers, but Famous 4th St caters and their food is great.

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        In Bucks County, Moish and Itzy's in Newtown does catering. And they are closer to Trenton than center city.

        By kosher style you mean Jewish Deli? Is it important for you that the kitchen keeps Kosher?


      2. Does the emphasis on kosher style mean you would object to an actual kosher caterer? If not, Max & David's is a good kosher caterer.

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        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          M&D doesn't do catering anymore, unfortunately.

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            Oops. I didn't realize that. They should take it off their website, then. They were also recently talking about a food truck. I wonder if that is available for events.

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              I think the truck is supposed to be ready but I'm not sure. M&D has some traditional "kosher style" items I wouldn't really call it "kosher style" as they cook all kinds of food from burgers to thai curries. It's good for a kosher place.

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                Foodarama is actually Kosher, but not Glatt Kosher... Friends use it all the time,
                but it's not Kosher enough for my daughter's family. Problem is, I don't think
                it's Kosher style, so much as excellent food that happens to be Kosher.

        2. I'm not getting what Kosher Style Means either?

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            It basically mean Jewish deli and traditional Ashkanazi foods.

          2. The Cooper Market is great... I remember their brisket being amazing.


            1. Thanx Much for suggesting Kosher STYLE caterers.
              (Style here means Eastern Jewish Askenazi Cusine)

              We have a family Seder that has bee going since the mid 1930s
              Recenltly it has been hosted in Hagerstown by the third generation.
              in Hagerstown MD. But that is a long trip for two ninety year olds in NY.
              Therefore we are exploring the possibility of meeting in The Philly or
              Trenton Area.

              I have received about eight caterers to explore Thanx Much
              A Kosher caterer would not deliver on the afternoon of the seder nites.
              Therefore the Kosher STYLE.

              After I select the caterer, I will have to find a room for A SEDER FOR ABOUT 20M PEOPLE.
              tHANX AGAIN

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                Kosher caterers certainly will and do seder packages delivered the day of. You will probably do better getting everything you need with them. A nonkosher caterer might end up giving you traditional jewish food like challahs and hamentschen, plus I wouldn't want to try to explain what I needed on a seder plate. Thank you.

              2. i agree with Bride that if you want a seder --you'll prob need to go kosher to avoid having bagels and rye delivered. we've used Barclay caterers for several events --wonderful food and Steve is very easy to work with --stayed within budget, honored special requests etc. maybe he could tell you a venue too.

                1. Had I known about it at the time, Wegmans noncertified kosher catering (cherry hill NJ) would have been perfect. Thank you.