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Feb 19, 2012 09:53 PM

Laverne of Great Neck

Anyone in Great Neck ever dine in Laverne? I'm new in town, there's no Thai food here in Great Neck? A lot of fusion and Japanese here.

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  1. I ate in Laverne on Valentine's Day. They had a special 4 course dinnerfor $24.95. There were 4 of us and we all ate different things. I had Pad Thai which I thought was too sweet. I did not have any sushi. Give it a try. We liked most of the food.

    My favorite restaurants in Great Neck are Miraku on S. Middle Neck Road and La Giaconda. Miraku has the best Japanese here
    e and there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Great Neck. (No Thai)

    Giaconda has good southern Italian cooking. Not gourmet, but good. Ther used to be a Thai restaurant here but it never went over.

    Good Vietnamese at Little Saigon onNorthern Blvd. just east of Little Neck Pkway.

    Happy Eating

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    1. re: lenorel57

      Thanks, I'm planning to go with my family this weekends

      1. re: lenorel57

        I had dinner with my family last night, I would say a GREAT dinner we had. We tried the Tom Yum soup and spicy coconut soup ( it was perfect ). From the sushi bar starter we had tuna pizza and the tuna Sandwich was excellent ( Recommended by our waiter ) we tried whole bunch of appetizers. I tried crispy duck which I think is a good choice :) everyone in our party enjoy the food and the service. Will be back to try different food. For sushi, I will stay to my fav sushi restaurant ( sushi sen-nin ) very pricie but they got the best sushi in Manhattan.

        1. re: HungryDanLI

          If you live in Great Neck you really should try Miraku for sushi. I'm not saying it will make you abandon Sushi Sen-Nin, but it's one of the best sushi bars on LI.

          1. re: EZ Pass

            I will try next weekend, do they got special fish like fresh octopus/abalone or white salmon? Those my fav

            1. re: HungryDanLI

              Absolutely. The folks who own it also own a fish distributor that serves other sushi restaurants so they always have cool stuff. Last time I was there had sweet shrimp and also baby yellowtail chef called it (amberjack said the bill) that was topped with a little dab of some yummy sauce made from yuzu and black pepper and then sprinkled with sea salt.

          2. re: HungryDanLI

            Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we'll go there tonight. EZ pass is right about the sushi at Miraku. Even their service has improved. The servers were always nice but service could be a little confused

            1. re: lenorel57

              If u going to Laverne, make sure try the dessert tempura ice cream ( Thai tea flavor ) its yummy after the meal

              1. re: HungryDanLI

                Went to Laverne and enjoyed it again. I'm afraid it and Miraku may not make it. Aside from a group of 10 there were 2 other tables taken--and this was on a Sat. night. The only restaurant that is almost always filled on Sat. night is la Giaconda...and Maybe Lola...But I don't know about that. Too many Asian restaurants in town.

                1. re: lenorel57

                  Have not been to Laverne. Ten minutes away is Sri, one of the best Thai restaurants anywhere. Worth the time spent to get there.

                  280 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY 11596

                  1. re: stuartlafonda

                    I agree. Do you think the one in Woodside is better? Laverne is not strictly a Thai restaurant. I found the pad thai there to be too sweet.

                    1. re: lenorel57

                      I go to Srip/ Williston at least once a month since it opened after years of going to Woodside. I was at Woodside last month. As a general view it is every bit as good.

                      1. re: stuartlafonda

                        Glad to hear that. I haven't been to Woodside since Srip opened in Williston.