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Feb 19, 2012 08:13 PM

Full Irish Breakfast

What are your thoughts on the best places for a proper full Irish breakfast in the Boston area? By "full Irish" I mean eggs, Irish sausages, rashers (back bacon), black/white pudding, tomato, and maybe beans. A decent pint of Guinness with it helps, but might not be essential. Thanks!

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  1. Do a search here on Chow because there is an answer to this.

    Sonny's in Adams Village serves one. It's in
    arguably Boston's most Irish nabe.

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      I think this is the conversation that covered it most recently. Scan through and you'll find that Irish Breakfast finishes out the discussion. Or start from the bottom up to find it quickly.


        1. re: foodwinesong

          Matt Murphy's too.

          Matt Murphy's
          14 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445

    2. The Druid, I would imagine.

      1. The Thirsty Scholar near Inman Square (70 Beacon Street) has exactly what you are looking for on Saturday and Sunday until 2 pm

        1. Hands down that breakfast exists at the Irish Cottage just off of 93 North in Methuen.

          1. The Corrib Pub in Brighton has it (all day) and the Guinness, too.