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Feb 19, 2012 06:51 PM

Anyplace that sells Rabbit in SD

Looking for Rabbit for a recipe. Would love if I could find it in North County but any place would be helpful.

I know I can find it online but was trying to avoid that if possible.


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  1. Try the 99 Ranch Market. They have a variety of all kinds things. The market near me is not a large one but it has rabbit, venison, pheasant and lots of fruits and veggies that stores like Ralph's doesn't carry.

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    1. re: ct9759

      Saw it there last week, whole frozen.

      1. Besides the places already mentioned, Bristol Farms also has it

        1. The Chicken Man at Hillcrest Farmers' Market on Sunday. Sorry I've forgotten his name. He sells beautiful fresh-killed, pastured chickens, roosters, and grassfed meats.

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          1. re: pickypicky

            Womach Farms is the vendor's name. I believe his rabbit was fresh. He may do a north county market. Here's his website.

          2. Check the farmers markets up there. Many of them have a meat dealer or 2.

            Bishers in Poway or Ramona have exotic meats and are worth a call to ask. It is pricey at like $8.00 a lb.

            May want to practice the recipe with spilt skinless chicken breast as that is close to how rabbit cooks. Rabbit doesn't taste like chicken though.