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Feb 19, 2012 06:33 PM

Restaurants near Sandia Resort in Albuquerque

We are going to the Fiery Foods Show at the Sandia Resort in Albuquerque at the beginning of March and staying at the resort. Any restaurants to recommend at Sandia Resort? Are there any good restaurants somewhat nearby? We will have a car.

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  1. El Pinto is a short drive--it is a classic New Mexican restaurant with a lovely setting. You can probably find better food elsewhere but the atmosphere makes up for that somewhat.

    1. El Pinto isn't the best New Mexican restaurant in the city, but it's far from the worst, and the digs are quite nice. It's even nicer when the weather warms up and you can sit outdoors, but the interior is charming too. Solid NM-style food and margaritas. Pricey for what it is (high teens for most entrees), but not highway robbery.

      I might also suggest you head 20 minutes north to Bernalillo and check out the Range. Well done food (I think breakfast/brunch is the best, but all day is good) and the main drag in Bernalillo has some nifty NM charm.

      One to avoid: County Line BBQ at the top of Tramway is never the answer, unless the question is "what is the only restaurant within a two mile radius of the tram parking lot besides the tram restaurant itself?"

      1. Some other somewhat nearby possibilities --

        For upscale modern American - Indigo Crow in Corrales (about 9 mi from the resort) - or Savoy Bar & Grill (about 10 mi). Both have menus up online.

        I've heard good things about Antojitos Lupe in Bernalillo (about 8 mi away at 1100 S Camino del Pueblo -- no longer at the Zuni address that still comes up on mapquest). Antojitos are like Mexican tapas, but they also serve full-size entrees and have some interesting molcajete dishes. -- It's not a fancy place at all.

        Mary & Tito's Cafe (also not fancy) is about 10 mi away and a pretty fast drive if you get on i-25, then take I-40 w to 4th st. Very good, classic, homey NM food with not a vegetable in sight except for chiles and pico de gallo.

        The resort is right off I-25, so it's not a big deal to hop on the highway and go downtown, to "midtown", or to the University area where there are lots of restaurants, many discussed here on other threads.

        I've been to the Fiery Foods Show when it was at the Convention Center, but not since it moved to the resort. If you have a chance, please post your impressions. Hope you have fun.

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          Oh wow, had no idea about Antojitos Lupe. I adore them but still thought they were on Zuni... Thanks!

          1. re: tenacity

            Have not heard of Antojitos Lupe and it is very near to where I live; will have to check it out. Is it next to the gas station on the corner??


          2. re: ninrn

            Thanks for the suggestions. We went to Antojitos Lupe for supper last night. It was good The Molcahete Lupes was enough for two. The Chile Relleno was good too. We went back for breakfast this morning also!

            The Fiery Foods Festival is fun. Lots of hot salsa, and hot saucees. And of course red and green chiles. Line up to get in today, it is going to be busy. My favorite was fried Jalapeno Slices, like hot potato chips! www, If you wan ghost peppers or Trinidad Scorpion products, you will find it there. They are HOT!!!!

            1. re: markrod817

              Today we had lunch at Mary's and Tito's. Awesome. Best food I have had in a restaurant in long time. I had the Adovada with cheese stuffed sopappilla with red and green chile. Amasing. Plan to go back before we leave ABQ

              1. re: markrod817

                Glad those suggestions helped and that you liked Mary & Tito's. I think they're great, but not everyone I've recommended them to has agreed, so I'm a bit nervous to do so. I think they serve some of the best home-style NM cooking I've had in a restaurant. Deep flavors out of super-basic ingredients.

                The Fiery Foods Festival sounds much as it was when I went to it at the convention center. I think I expected more FOOD-foods -- like breads, pastas, soups, cheeses and desserts -- with chiles incorporated in some new or intense ways, but it was (and sounds like it still is) pretty much all condiments. I guess that makes sense, though, in terms of logistics and expense. We tried some pretty amazing hot sauces there that we still buy from time to time.

                Anyway, hope your trip was all you wished, Ninrn