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Feb 19, 2012 06:31 PM

Teo Chow Noodle Shack, Fremont?

Anyone tried this place.

The owner is Calvin Ng whose father Kwong was a head chef 10 years in mainland China and 20 years in the SF Bay Area. Calvin, with a degree in food science and also has been cooking over 10 years promises 100% fresh broth and ingredients daily and maybe a little innovation.


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  1. Sounds great, I'll check it later this week.

    1. We went for dinner today, and we'll most likely be back. The prices were reasonable, staff was friendly, and the food was good. When we arrived at around 5 or so, we were the only ones there, but people trickled in throughout the evening.

      It's set up like a fast-food type restaurant; you order and pay at the counter, you seat yourself, and they'll call out your number to pick up your food when it's ready. There are lots of four-seater tables that you can move around for larger parties and one larger round table. Two high chairs. A couple of TV's mounted on the walls. One men's bathroom and one women's bathroom in the back. Staff speaks perfect English and are happy to answer your questions about the menu. Also noticed them speaking Cantonese to some of the customers. There's also an open kitchen so you can watch the chef prepare your food in front of you. There's also a soda fountain serving Pepsi products with unlimited refills. Both the open kitchen and the soda are rare in Chinese-ish restaurants, and the soda will definitely keep the soda-fiend in me coming back. Sometimes I want both Chinese food and unlimited soda, and it's rare to find that combination. But I digress...

      The main thing on the menu is noodle soup. For $7.59, you choose the noodle and the topping. They have 5 types of noodles available - ho fun, kwai tiu (rice fettuccine), won ton noodles, yi mien ("thick ramen"), and rice vermicelli. Toppings available include ground pork, thin sliced pork, bean sprouts, pork kidney, fish balls, chicken, bbq pork, shrimp, fried fish cake, and "I want everything". I don't know how many toppings you can choose per bowl of noodle soup without an upcharge, since nobody in our party actually ordered from the "noodle bar". They also have some appetizers on the menu like potstickers, chicken wings, etc.

      They had dinner specials available - from the dinner specials menu, our party ended up ordering roast duck won ton noodle soup, salt and pepper porkchops, and roast duck chow mein. We also ordered the potstickers. The dinner specials around $8-10 and include a soda - it was a pretty good deal, since the portions were very generous.

      I ordered the roast duck won ton noodle soup. -Don't expect a HK style won ton noodle soup. The broth is very different - distinctively chickeny and not seafoody like a HK style broth. Yet it was still very good. (A couple hours later, I'm still a bit thirsty - unsure if it's an MSG effect or because I'm starting to catch a cold, which is what inspired my noodle soup outing in the first place.) The egg noodles were perfectly al dente, and the won tons were very very good. Not the huge golf ball sized ones, but a good size, filled with whole shrimp. Some of the best won tons I've had in the Fremont area. There were around 5 or 6 in the bowl. There were around 6 pieces of roast duck - good flavor, very moist, and a decent amount of meat. I'd definitely order it again.

      The roast duck chow mein was pretty good - thick noodles with a generous portion of sliced roast duck. Husband thought the flavor was good, but remarked that it was very greasy and heavy.

      Salt and pepper pork chops - very very generous portion of pork (we're talking entree sized portion here, instead of rice plate portion) and comes with a bowl of rice. I only had a couple bites, but it was pretty good. The batter wasn't too heavy, and the pork was moist and flavorful. Would definitely order again.

      Potstickers - they were of the deep-fried variety, very large, filled with pork-cabbage mixture. I thought they were unremarkable; the 3 year old in the group who loves potstickers of all sorts ate them up.

      The dinner special menu featured other rice plate-y items like (if memory serves me correctly) peking spareribs, lemon chicken, walnut prawns, roast duck fried rice, chicken chow mein/fried rice, etc. They also have some vegetarian options, but I forget what they are.

      They have a noodle bowl challenge - though they haven't received the actual bowls yet, they said it's a 23" bowl filled with 2 lbs of meat, 2 lbs of noodles. If you eat all the meat and noodles and also drink all the soup, you get it for free. Otherwise it's $20.

      The price is right, the food is good, we'll definitely be back.

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      1. re: kcchan

        thanks for reporting back. I still need to try it.

        1. re: kcchan

          -your thirstiness is probably due to msg via the current popular transmitter: chicken extract flavoring.
          -thick potsticker are a good sign. i.e. potstickers are homemade. commercial ones are usually on the small side.
          -noodle bowl challenge: sounds like a marketing gimmick to draw in the volume/crowds. could be a bad sign. the plus is inventories will turn over faster making the food fresher.

          without perusing a menu, i have no reason to try them.

          1. re: shanghaikid

            Sure, it's probably not worth driving out of the way for (especially if you have good noodle soups in your area). But if you're in the area and have a hankering for noodle soups or other "comfort" goodies, it's a safe bet.

            1. re: kcchan

              fyi, oaktown is bereft of good asian comfort food places. almost all soups, pho, soontofu, beef broth, chicken borth, all have msg, some tons. hong kong cooking here is also full of msg.

              fremont has a few good places but most still use msg. from your description, teo chow is following the same chicken broth recipe as others albeit their better.

        2. any idea what kind of restaurant experience calvin and kwong ng has? at what kind of restaurants?

          1. Went to Teo Chow Noodle Shack for lunch Sun 2/26/12. It's in the McDonald's strip mall off Cushing Pkwy. It's a casual place, you order at the cashier, sit down, then get your food when it's ready.

            We were there about 11am and the first ones. Check in on Yelp or FB and get 10% off!

            I got Roast duck wonton noodle soup $7.99 - I asked for ho fun noodle, the wide rice noodle, comes with 5 shrimp/pork wontons, about 5 small pieces of roast duck, noodles, soup. Help yourself to sauces, mini halapeno pepper slices are Spicy! Huge bowl of noodles.

            B. got Mai Fun with everything $7.59 - he liked it.

            One order of fried chicken wings $4.50 for 5 pcs. B. liked them. Girl said it's one of their most popular dish. Other is fried fish balls.

            One Vietnamese iced coffee $2 - It was nice.

            Pepsi soda fountain available. You can ask for a cup for "plain boring water" sign said, next to Pepsi fountain. Separate bathrooms in the back. Credit cards accepted. Frequent buyer card buy 10 noodle dishes get 1 free.

            Daily 10-10